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Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Elements

There is something ephemeral about seashores.Especially the sandy stretches of vastness. The grainy hues of the sand and the azure waves embrace each other and breath life in the universe.Maybe, I am becoming a little philosophical here, but I feel that the dry sand seeps in life, by mating the sea and rejuvenating its spirit.The sepia footprints gets embossed on the watery blue and dance a tune of their own.The layers and layers of blue sea, sepia sand ,the verdant palms and the shining yellow and orange in the horizon, blessing them with its grace,is an orchestra of sound, waves and fragrance.Each one is conjoined, despite their invisible boundaries.They reflect the truth of survival, freedom of ownership and the spirit of hope.

It is amazing how land,air, and water sustain ages of erosion and still become one.The dependency of the elements brings forth the gospel of existence without fearing the pain of loss and loneliness.There is always a time to heal the wounds when the right choice is made.