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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Was it Love?

Day-29 OctPoWriMo-2014

She waited for the last word
A word of reassurance
From the biting swells
To the unstoppable heartbeats
To feel at home…

He just held her hands,
His touch speaking
More than any words
Leaving his imprint on her soul…

They bonded as two halves
Synchronized in a melody of their own
Moving on a crescent of emotions
Their hearts spoke up for them
Glistening pools joining in their rhythm…

They found each other
The destined strangers
In the portals of life…
What was it they felt?
For bringing them together…


  1. whatever it was ...
    imprinting soul.... is very touching :)

  2. they felt a feeling that was unknown to them. :)