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Friday, June 6, 2014

The Dark Ripper

He wandered alone
In the dark streets,
Searching for his next prey
With luscious abundance.

The lass, with frilled attire
Was a sight to be seen.

Sashaying on the cobblestonesS
She enticed the bystanders.

He lurked in the darkness

The alley his sole witness.
His heart catapult at once
Seeing the maiden at glance.

She swayed towards him

Her sensual curves enhanced
Arousing his senses, moved,
Hardly realizing her future prospects.

Mesmerized by his dark gaze

She surrendered unfazed
Limp and languid in his arms
Forgetting forever every senses.

He ripped apart her heart

Sliced with passion
With hunger in his eyes
He devoured the his prey.