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Friday, October 31, 2014

OctPoWriMo-2014-An Acrostic

Day-31 OctPoWriMo-2014

On a wing of a verse
Came a challenge
To journey among
Poetically inclined souls
One by one everyday
We linked our experiences
Reading, praising and feeling
In sync with the fellow wordsmiths
Moving along with each other’s thoughts
On a hope we travelled with gratitude
2 enrich our lives, sharing our love for poetry
0 ing on our passions we flowed, crossing many hurdles
1 by one covering many miles along the tides
4 ever bonded- sharing and caring, by the garland of words.

It was an amazing journey participating in this challenge.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Life a Tapestry

Day-30 OctPoWriMo-2014

On the day before..
When the fumes engulfed
The source of life
Destiny intervened
A lesson
Turning the pages of
The other side of life
Weaving patterns
As if on a tapestry
The hurdles, the pain designed
As human companions.

Happiness comes
On a cloud
Ephemerally blessed
Followed by
The shadows
The precursor
Winged on fate
Letting life know
The prefaced commas
Jostling against the wall.
Human becomes a Puppet
In the hands of Time.

Was it Love?

Day-29 OctPoWriMo-2014

She waited for the last word
A word of reassurance
From the biting swells
To the unstoppable heartbeats
To feel at home…

He just held her hands,
His touch speaking
More than any words
Leaving his imprint on her soul…

They bonded as two halves
Synchronized in a melody of their own
Moving on a crescent of emotions
Their hearts spoke up for them
Glistening pools joining in their rhythm…

They found each other
The destined strangers
In the portals of life…
What was it they felt?
For bringing them together…

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Food Bearer

Day-28 OctPoWriMo-2014

In the parched lands of the leeways
Broken-hearted humanity
With camouflaged hunger
Longs for the almighty’s grace.

With scorching orbs
He measures the copious earth.
Lamenting his fate
Cavernous belly growls.

A dried up mother mourns
With cracked up body
Masking her craving woes.

With embossed pangs of hunger
In want of rainfall
To feed the million mouths
Awaits the Food bearer.

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Hopeful Dreamer

Day-27 OctPoWriMo-2014

The lethargic body
Swings on waves 
When sleep gallops
Towards the unknown realms
Where dreams chaperon to a world of make-belief.

Sometimes the dreams
Bring a smile
Sometimes the soul dares
Where the mountains
Feels as if nearby.
The dreams take us to a land
Where passions beckon and dying wishes find a shore.

I want to dream 
Of a place without pain
A place full of  Utopian gains
Where life rejoice in the meadows and longs for happiness again.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Day-26 OctPoWriMo-2014

Let me narrate an anecdote
Hold your breathe and don't bolt
A time in my life so scary
My fingers still shiver remembering that night deary.

It was an eerie moonless night
Could scare the guts of anyone in sight
The ghosts were playing hide and seek
Waiting for their victims who were weak.
The trees were sheltering the dark shadows
Chilling the innards of the brave fellows.

I and my better half thought of being adventurous
Left the house after dinner for an evening walk
We walked and walked and walked
Not knowing that we were being stalked
We could hear someday behind us
Thought maybe a dowdy drunken cuss.

We walked for a long distance
And took an U-TURN in resistance
Talking with each other we forgot the time
Forgetting that walking and talking is a crime.

It was very late and we thought of turning back
The eerie silence didn't allow us to be slack
We walked faster and faster and came to a halt
Infront of us we could see the cemetery door half bolt

And there it was the most scariest of the lot
A dark apparition in a black shroud
The face was hidden with just glaring eyes
The long gown hiding its shadowy frown.
It arose from the dark realms
Walking towards us as if unseen.
We held our breathe thinking akin
Wondering where will our fate lead us in.

It walked past us and left its stench
We sighed at the ways of the cruel world
We hurried back to our homestead
Wishing we could do something for the living dead.

Verse on a finger tip

Day-25  OctPoWriMo-2014

I remember that day clearly
As if it were just yesterday
When love visited us
In the guise of virtual world
That magical moment
The world stopped still
We met, we felt
We built our dreams
On the verge of our emotions,
When you came and left
Your footprints
On my soul.

What a fascination
Waiting for those hours
Magnetic were the verses
When your enchanted presence
Cruised in my dreams 
Bringing forth the dormant feelings
Love captivated the dying wishes
To a brighter future, of irresistible images
And my fingers danced magically
On a blank parchment with enchanting verses.

( Writing was always a passion, but indulging in poetry was something which happened when I met like minded people and I could pour out my feelings in front of them in the form of poems. Virtual world brought forth the dying dreams to life.I could say that words become a wand which made my dreams come true)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Venus Reborn-A nonet

Day-24 OctPoWriMo-2014

She sashays, the temptress in disguise
Like a mannequin on fire
Arched back, lips tantalizing
The walking volcano
Seductress on prowl
Igniting lust
Passions born

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Day-23 OctPoWriMo-2014

And then there was-
The pain of losing you
Pain which echoes
In the footsteps
That I take
Like an indomitable shadow.

And then there was-
A time when life played
Tricks bringing the unknown
Forces in the forefront
Like fate melting on twisted dreams.

And then there was-
That chapter in life
When words spoke to me
Took me to a world 
Of happiness, love and bliss
Opening new avenues
Where my thoughts fused
With my destiny 
And released me from your shadow

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Audacious Heart

Day-22 OctPoWriMo-2014

Valiant heart elates
making provocative moves
impulsive love sings.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Footprints of time

Day-21 OctPoWriMo-2014

I did ask him vulnerably
"Where are your footprints?"
And he looked at me with that
Tenderness which is him
And he replied" Can you feel your heart beats?
That is where you will find my footprints"

I looked questioningly wondering 
What he meant by that.
Again he looked at me 
With such tenderness before replying
"I flow in your blood.
You are my reflection
My image, my breathe
Our images are fused
As we belong to the same fate.
Born as father and child
Carrying our burden
On the  sands of time.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Parodies of Life

DAY-20 OctPoWriMo-2014

Two for tango
Two times flat
Flat on their knees
Flat on their nose
Nose bleeding
Nose burning
Burning with fumes
Burning with aches
Aches the guts
Aches the soul
Soul scarred
Soul personified
Personified dreams
Personified pain
Pain revisited
Pain inborn
Inborn grit
Inborn faith
Faith falters
Faith reigns
Reigns the flesh
Reigns the desires
Desires umpteen
Desires unfulfilled
Unfulfilled wishes
Unfulfilled summers
Summer times
Summer joys
Joys abound
Joys rebound
Rebound life
Rebound love
Love betrays
Love dismays
Dismays beliefs
Dismays truth
Truth is love
Truth is gospel
Gospel words
Gospel thoughts
Thoughts sync
Thoughts weave
Weave words
Weave parodies
Parodies in life
Parodies lies
Lies exist
Lies hope

This was fun. I enjoyed writing this form of poetry. Without any punctuation, this style works for my liking :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Day-19 OctPoWriMo-2014

Here he comes
The provider of solace
With dark clouds for company
Mating the parched earth.
Damply he drizzles
On the grassy mounds.
Feeding petrichor on its wings
Bringing a new hope
Tending the wounded souls.

And far away in the horizon
Colours dance on a rainbow
Prism bound glassy pearls
Washing away the melancholy
Harvested in the idle woes.

(I live in a state where droughts are yearly woes. Many of our farmers die of hunger due to the inhuman droughts. For them rains is the elixir from heaven.Their whole existence depends on rain.This is my chant on their behalf.)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Life is fun

Day-18 OctPoWriMo-2014

You fill my life,
With creative urges,
Making me feel adventurous,
Playing with colours.

I just wrote something on paint and here it is.It was fun.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Broken Dreams-A Haiku

Day-17 OctPoWriMo-2014

Languid ache whispers
through the delirious heart 
dreams numbed forever.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Love on the Floss

DAY-16 OctPoWriMo-2014

Once upon a time
There lived a girl
She had a dream to shine
And win the world in her flossy whirl.

She pranced around
Among the meadows
Unaware of the ways of the cruel world
She felt safe dancing to the woods.

Once, she found a pearl
Hidden in an oyster
How would it look on her?
These doubts took her asunder.

She forgot the childhood ways
When life caught up with her beauty
Engraving her path in diffident phases
She twisted her fate been snotty.

A prince charming on a fine day
Caught her eye’s fancy
Her heart waltzed in a big way
She desired to be his trophy.

She took the dare adamantly
To lure the prince to her lair
He felt for her charms naively
Taking the plunge at the altar.

Her love won him over
Through thick and thin endeavor
Fate brought them together
And they lived happily ever after.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Willful ways

DAY-15 OctPoWriMo 2014


Through the journey

We find 

The rough roads.

With hesitant steps,

And doubtful will

We forge ahead 

Marking our fates.

Sometimes love betrays

Sometimes the heart dismays

Sometimes destiny usurps

The burden of trusting

The people around us.

Hesitantly we, 

Search for compassion

Among the milieu

To nurse our wounds

Finding in return

Their souls 

As broken as ours .

We all carry 

Engraved deeply

A cyclic luggage of,

Ruminating pain bravely..

Someway, somewhere,

Life will reach blissfully,

The hallmark of destiny

On the wings of hope.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


DAY-14 OctPoWriMo-2014


Brought us together

Healed our wounds

You had you scars

And I had mine

We synced 

Two wounded souls.

You wiped my tears

With tenderness 

Making me live.

Goading me

Inspiring me 

Saying "You must write, and read,

As if your life depended on it"

My heartbeats listened

Those gospel words.

I still do 

What I promised

To do,

Pen my thoughts

Let my emotions bleed,

Soaked in words

Bringing peace

In my tainted world.

Prompt “You must write, and read, as if your life depended on it.”
― Adrienne Rich

Monday, October 13, 2014

Paint my dreams

DAY-13 OctPoWriMo-2014

Paint my dreams
In your colours
Like a forlorn rainbow
Of varied hues
Some wintry whites
Some dewy blues.

Let honeysuckled memories
Dance a tango
On velvet damask
With lingering longings
Piercing the heart
Turning it into bleeding red
Wanting you
To be mine
In the azure horizon...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Love's Molasses

DAY-12 OctPoWriMO 2014

When it rains...
The heart misses a heartbeat
Taking to a world
Of searing passions
Enraptured melodies
Time framed memories.

The wounded heart
Still resonates
Capturing in it whorl
Our love, our desires
Our hopes, our dreams-
Wrapped in its sheath
Our fascination
For each other
Possessed lustily
In a poetic symphony.

Then the goodbyes
The wordy carnage
Hurting each other
Love's molasses...

Hidden in its mistiness
Love still moans
The lost moments
When it rains...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Distant Dreams

DAY-11 OctPoWriMO-2014

My world and your world
See the sign posts?
Demarcated individual holes
Within the same Universe
Yours and mine...

You sleep in comfort
I live in a war zone
Everyday fear grips
Waiting for that dread
When time stand still
And I breathe the dust...

We are children 
Of the same world
Revolving in our spheres
With courageous determination
To fight for our rights.

In my space, my vulnerable self
Fight for my existence soaked in blood
Each breathe is taken in a hope
In finding my piece of space 
In a land where FREEDOM is a distant dream..

Friday, October 10, 2014

Insomnia Blues

 DAY-10 OctPoWriMO 2014.

 Today is World Mental Health Day first established in 1992 by the World Federation for Mental Health. It's a day to raise awareness about mental health issues through education and advocacy. One in four adults and one in five children will experience mental illness this year. (Resource: NAMI)

I remember the day, when her world stopped spinning.
Naive and innocently vulnerable
She found herself in a time machine
Observing the sun turning into myriad hues
Making way for the moonbeams.
Night travelled on a carpet of nightmares
In a neverland, where thoughts wanders aimlessly, she breathes,
Amid the pathos, on a precipice...

Beguiled she lives,
Lifeless brain in a living body,
Unknown to herself or the rest of the world.
Engulfed in her cocoon forever, in a misty fog
She finds herself, at the unmarked deadends. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Through the eyes of a dreamer

OctPoWriMo Day 9 

I do ask myself umpteen times
Why do I do what I do?
Do I have a choice ?
Is this a sign of  willpower?
Or a stubborn pursuit to be different?

Putting my soul on paper
For that matter 
Punching keys on a keyboard
I find that side of mine
Hidden behind a veil of tenacity
Galloping, when the words embrace
My dreams,my heart, my every waking moment.

And then...
The power of innate resilience
Pays of in the sparkling thoughts.
Thoughts of a thirsty maverick,
A dreamer,a bohemian,
Fighting for that freedom
With a consummated passion.
Continuing a journey
Weaved with ephemeral dreams 
On a parchment of words.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Moon Madness

Day-8 # OctPoWriMo.

Monsoon memories
On the verge of madness
Overpower me, when,
Nostalgia takes over.

Masking the pain within
As time plays its music
Dignified silence trudge in
Nudging the dead feelings.
Ecstatically the reminiscences
Serenade the heart
Signifying a new beginning.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


OctPoWriMo Day 6

In search of perfection
I wandered alone
To find that piece of bliss
Among the strewn imperfections-

Unsung lullabies

OctPoWriMo Day 7

Silently you crept in my life-
And walked away
With a piece of my heart...