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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The selfless Fakir

 Every once in a while......

Every once in a while
They kill you- 
In cold blood 
In the face of truth
Without a heart 
Your goodwill-
Is shunned
At the altar
Of ambitious dreams
What were you thinking?
A gratitude ingrained;
Selfless sacrifices
For whose sake?

They murdered you
To prove their point
Now they rule
The ungrateful lot.

Every once in a while
Your truth
Your desires
Are measured
In reams of papers
Tarnishing your image
To suit their goals.
There are a few-

Who believe in truth
Behind bar they sloth
Snowden they named
The apostles

And your blood-
Banish you from their thoughts
Blaming you for the fight
To free them
From the clutches
Of a slaved existence..

Sunita --6/10/2013

It pains me to see, the way people are forgetting the goodness of a man,who is being considered a role model to a number of great leaders across the world. He doesn't deserve the brickbats.


  1. Yes, looking at the state of affairs today one wonders whether the Mahatma's sacrifice was in vain. Loved the way you put down your thoughts.

    1. I too wonder that Geeta. Maybe violence has superseded his teaching. Thank you for making it here :)

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  3. Beautiful and fitting tribute to Bapu and how ruthless&vile men and women are exploited the name and sacrifice of the father of the nation. I wonder whether the end is approaching and he must wonder whether his sacrifice is in vain. The world has gone mad and we get furious at such mentality.

    1. Thank you very much Vishal for gracing this post. Maybe we are in the grasp of kalyug and all his sacrifices do not matter anymore.

  4. yup, unfair but life can be cruel thus, ought to do your duty and leave the rest to him
    firm believer of the bhagwad gita :)

    1. Rightly said Ruchira. To be more practical lessen the pain. Thank you :)

  5. Irony is that yes they killed him and people party to his murder may be at centre stage in the country today....


    1. Exactly Richa. Humanity takes a backseat!