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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Torn Inbetween

You live in your Universe
I live in mine
Charading ellipses
In our own spheres.

I breath my air
You spew yours
We charge the cosmos
With internal chaos.

A legacy of words
We share conspicuously
Stretching a breathing volcano
We burn in each others salvo.

Can we fill the gap....
Between your universe and mine
In a never ending battle of existence
To live,to breathe and be free?

...sunita 15/9/2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Tainted Other Half

We are cocooned 
In our blistering world
Hoping for miracles
In the zesty fold.

We live each day
Selling our soul.
The highest bidder
Shred our core.

That dawn in the horizon
Speaks for millions
Why is it not ours
When our pains are open?

The laws are kind
Towards the masses.
Our pain is invisible
We, the oppressed forces.

Our world and we
Live in our cocoon
Bleeding and uncouth
In our shady lagoon.

Our dreams are unborn
Freedom so distant
Pain, a lifetime companion
We, the commodity of all!

Sunita  25/3/2013

In Transition

The dementia sets in
Chaperoned by the nemesis 
Lugging with ardor
At the Rainbow bridge!

The spirited muse
Weaned and vanquished
Lost forever
With a tainted soul!

..sunita 30/6/2013


A few moments 
Captured in silence 
Like a ray of sunshine 
With a rekindled sparkle.  

Matched with an ardour
For the lost happiness 
Layers and layers momentous
Strewn across the heart's palette.

The awakening 
Of the dead senses 
Conjure up in the dark hours 
Harnessing the throbbing beats.

To build bridges 
With flashed memories 
Breathe in today's reminiscences
In unforgiving tomorrows!


Sindhu Rakshak

Your sacrifice
Left a numbness,
To rejoice or to cry
Martyrs of a fateful nation!

My brothers
Turned to ashes
In the watery grave
Saving our luminous grace.

Their dreams,their lives
Short lived
Scattered in debris
Across the infernal sea.

How do I,
Celebrate freedom?
When doom prevails
In the heart 
Of every Indian?