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Saturday, November 2, 2013


Exquisitely embossed images
Passionately, fervently mused
Bygone memories lingers
Silent sepia aches!
Mutely fostered scars-
Pulsate in sync
Wet paeans-

In the heart
Wanton and fused
Through the fervent waves
Eagerly felt passions-
Tasted, aroused and betrayed-
Labyrinth- of passing seasons,
Craved with feelings, for lost memories.

So here it is, my first nonet poem for
Write Tribe Contest.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

I Miss You Maxi


It was a cold wintry morning-

When you came in my life.
I remember it was a day, after Christmas
You were my present for the day
Maybe in the guise of the saviour.

I fell in love with you
The moment I held you in my arms
You spoke in your language
Of limpid honey eyes
So scared you were,
To see a different lair
Bustling with unknown strangers.
For me, it was spring
To have you following my every step
Toddling around, biting on things
A ferocious bonding with my ankles.

As you grew from a toddler to a teething wolf
With a taste for shoes, socks and stretchy things
I managed to find you happy behind the flowery bushes
We shared moments of such joy with our little waif.

How fast you grew from a toddler to a beautiful lass
With shiny honey coat and a way with eyes
There was no dearth of admirers
All of them lined up at the gates.

But you were my princess
We protected you and loved you more
The day when death visited the protector
You cried sitting at his feet begging god for his life.
How my heart surged that day
To see your silent prayers at the almighty.

As time raced and days grew long
We crossed miles
In the lap of  life's mercies
You by my side when fate crossed my path
Comforting me with your mute loyalties.

And then that day came
When time stood still
You wanted me to hold you
To ease the pain which eroded your body
You eyes full of love, asked for a remedy
How could I my darling, I let you go.

It was a gloomy Sunday
When the rains dissolved in my tears
You lying in my arms
Looking at me with the sufferings
Writ large in your eyes
I made peace with myself
With teary eyes I bade you goodbye.

I know I couldn't stop you
Leaving me with an ache
Your last breathe drowned in my sigh
Taking a piece of my heart
In the meadows of paradise.

Day 7 - OctPoWriMo 2013..Prompt-Narrative poem


Do you remember
The day we met?
In the dark
Corners of secrecy?
We had butterflies
In our stomach-
With shivering
Hearts and silent
Lips we spoke
Our language of love.
The honey spiked,
Blushes of cupid
Stuck us-
Bleeding our souls.
We met,we bled,
We cried,we loved,
For a short time
We did live a life
With infinite
Memories born
To last, the autumn fall.




Day 6 - OctPoWriMo 2013..Prompt-butterflies in the stomach

Thursday, October 10, 2013



She is someone
In her own little world
Creates life
With her own blood
And nurtures with tears.
She burns the lamp
To wean the ghosts
Gently she caress
The wrinkled face
With love shining
In the motherly gaze
I know her too well
For I breathe her
All the time
In my existence
She survives...

This poem is for the Poetry Prompt Day 5: I am a woman who knows..

Wednesday, October 9, 2013



 OctPoWriMo-Day 4


                                                       We met-                                                               
In our wanderings
Finding peace
In each other..
A gentle-
Breeze of life
Suffixed in between;
In weathered streams...
We were bound;
To meet, at the
Giving life a chance to live...

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The selfless Fakir

 Every once in a while......

Every once in a while
They kill you- 
In cold blood 
In the face of truth
Without a heart 
Your goodwill-
Is shunned
At the altar
Of ambitious dreams
What were you thinking?
A gratitude ingrained;
Selfless sacrifices
For whose sake?

They murdered you
To prove their point
Now they rule
The ungrateful lot.

Every once in a while
Your truth
Your desires
Are measured
In reams of papers
Tarnishing your image
To suit their goals.
There are a few-

Who believe in truth
Behind bar they sloth
Snowden they named
The apostles

And your blood-
Banish you from their thoughts
Blaming you for the fight
To free them
From the clutches
Of a slaved existence..

Sunita --6/10/2013

It pains me to see, the way people are forgetting the goodness of a man,who is being considered a role model to a number of great leaders across the world. He doesn't deserve the brickbats.

True Companions

OctPoWriMo Day-3

 Mute companions
 From the shadows
   Spoke in breathing voices
    When the heart 
 Bleed in pain

My fate
In their embrace
Binding me in their world
 Of joy and pain
 Evolved  me 

Painfully harsh
Travelled in their company
Maybe short lived
Time tested



My earliest poem was "Motherhood-Gift"

Shadowy Dreams

OctPoWriMo Day-2 // Hidden

Our shadows
played with emotions
in the ethos of timeless passions,
synchronising in entwined rhapsody
hiding behind the mask of affections.

We knew
that life wont be the same,
as time traverse in the horizon
amalgamating into distant dreams
finding solace in forbidden pleasures.

Some dreams
are born to die immaturely
in throbbing pulse of destiny
we masquerade of being alive 
hiding pain adroitly in the spasms of belief.

Hidden dreams shadowed pain at the altar of...


This poem is posted in .

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Life in Transit

OctPoWriMo Day-1 Autumn

Restlessly, I bemoan
Isolated in my passions
I surge ahead 
Like an autumn leaf.

Holding on hope
On a parchment 
Of time destined
Like an autumn leaf.

A born resilence
Profound and upbeat
Hanging on edges
Like an autumn leaf.

A lone wish
Wantonly myriad 
Breathe in my soul
Like an autumn leaf.

Can life be in transit
Like an autumn leaf?

Sunita  6/10/13

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Torn Inbetween

You live in your Universe
I live in mine
Charading ellipses
In our own spheres.

I breath my air
You spew yours
We charge the cosmos
With internal chaos.

A legacy of words
We share conspicuously
Stretching a breathing volcano
We burn in each others salvo.

Can we fill the gap....
Between your universe and mine
In a never ending battle of existence
To live,to breathe and be free?

...sunita 15/9/2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Tainted Other Half

We are cocooned 
In our blistering world
Hoping for miracles
In the zesty fold.

We live each day
Selling our soul.
The highest bidder
Shred our core.

That dawn in the horizon
Speaks for millions
Why is it not ours
When our pains are open?

The laws are kind
Towards the masses.
Our pain is invisible
We, the oppressed forces.

Our world and we
Live in our cocoon
Bleeding and uncouth
In our shady lagoon.

Our dreams are unborn
Freedom so distant
Pain, a lifetime companion
We, the commodity of all!

Sunita  25/3/2013

In Transition

The dementia sets in
Chaperoned by the nemesis 
Lugging with ardor
At the Rainbow bridge!

The spirited muse
Weaned and vanquished
Lost forever
With a tainted soul!

..sunita 30/6/2013


A few moments 
Captured in silence 
Like a ray of sunshine 
With a rekindled sparkle.  

Matched with an ardour
For the lost happiness 
Layers and layers momentous
Strewn across the heart's palette.

The awakening 
Of the dead senses 
Conjure up in the dark hours 
Harnessing the throbbing beats.

To build bridges 
With flashed memories 
Breathe in today's reminiscences
In unforgiving tomorrows!


Sindhu Rakshak

Your sacrifice
Left a numbness,
To rejoice or to cry
Martyrs of a fateful nation!

My brothers
Turned to ashes
In the watery grave
Saving our luminous grace.

Their dreams,their lives
Short lived
Scattered in debris
Across the infernal sea.

How do I,
Celebrate freedom?
When doom prevails
In the heart 
Of every Indian?