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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Travelogue of my Destiny

Ist stage!

Before marriage---(GOA)

Life was full of fun,
A born bohemian
Where the heart sang
And danced to the
Song of waves
Wake up to the sun rays.
Played with the palms
Stretching my arms.


Married life in defence----(GOA, MUMBAI, COCHIN)

A merry go round
On limitless chimes
Touching new horizons
On the wing of unknown times.
Caught life between palms
Tested the essence of togetherness
Cruised on the high seas
With joy, pain, and sorrows.

3rd Stage

Life of a civilian...(Kakinada)

Took a toss with times
Life a shifting piece of rhyme
Swayed across the tide
Of the rough waters
Bringing in new phases
Of a life lived without fears.

In Future....(GOA)

Through a piece of fresh air
With an ounce of sunshine
See me fly in the sky.
With a will of my own
In the arms of palms and waves
I breathe my final goodbyes.

                     ..............sunita 22/02/2011

Warriors in Blue

The wait,
Of decades of resilience
Found its destination
In the heart of a nation!

Little master's,
Dream overflowed
With the cup
In his experience sought!

The desire,
To chase the dream
Dragged the soul
To the final goal!

Let this fire,
Of this dream sustain
For generation to come
Blessed with your ever presence!

sunita 3/4/2011


Do you think,
You can browbeat me
To surrender to your whims
Your desires,your thoughts?
How about something of my own
My thoughts,desires,feelings and emotions?

Let us make a pact
Of understanding each other
About the space we need
Revel in the present and move ahead.
If not, how about one more suggestion
Let us make a truce
A truce ingrained with silent remainders
Of days, weeks,months and years.
-------sunita 13/10/2012