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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crucified forever!!

This restlessness
Which etch tattoo
On the soul...

Followed by another
Spark of awakening......

Creeps sometimes
The royal intruder

The dried palette
Filling the colors.

Knocking Again
And again towards the void!


It comes along with Pain

When love weaves it's cocoon
The stars shine more brighter
And the moonbeams are comely
Serenading the souls together.

Cascading emotions asunder
With a force of oneness
Cherishing the sweetness
Merging of hearts in rapture.

Love and only love
Does spill the blood
Casting spell with pain
With wantonness in tandem.

The sheer power of the emotions
Catches rays of bliss and pleasures
Equally measuring the invisible scars
Left forever on the heart's canvas.

Do we stop loving...............

...........sunita 3/2/10

In Wait

If beginning has an end
And an end, ends in beginning
Then why life get stranded on a precipice
Jostling along with the crevices?

If a shore has a horizon
And horizon merge with zenith
Then why the waves leave
The shallowness and move away?

Too contradictory, I must say,
The sweeping gales of a laden life
Few remnants are left behind
To wallow in its fall.

But, accordingly the seams
Are hemmed and pounded
With a mellowed flavour
Of sunrise and sunset.

Is the brightness just round the corner?