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Monday, December 21, 2009

Invisible Doors

Those darkened
Varnished immobile
Source of entrance and exit.

Solid and beautified
Portals imitating sentries
Sepia shaded with times.

Filling with sunshine
And the darkness too
As the umbra sets in inertia.

Coming and going
Of breath and breathless
Whiffs of rancid and turbid.

The strong walls
Of pain and molasses
Painted with lifeless glasses.

Sometimes they do open with a thud,and
Sometimes they shut off silently.......why?

sunita..... 22/12/09

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom

Few pearls of wisdom
Wrapped in a shimmering damask
In the long rung of life's cove
Scattered with the aging time.

Gathered through the harsher climes
Through the depth of vastness
Breaking the cloistered fortress
In the search of the nomadic pastures.

Shades of many falls
Left impregnable scars
Through the frostiness of life
Saving few crystal clear bites.

Still through the passage
Living the ghosts behind
Staggered and battered
Cacophonous savages lined.

And the pearls strewn again in posterity......

sunita 11/12/09

Mortal God of the downtrodden

Y_ou have left your mark
E_ngraved on the masses heart
D_elivering the solace they needed
U_nder your accomplished leadership
G_rounded were your resolves
U_nfettered you moved ahead
R_esilience of courage
I_ndicative in your psyche.

S_ome are born leaders
A_s you proved umpteen times
N_ever have you lost focus
D_iligently carried on as a one man force
I_nsidious were the designs of foes
N_ailing thy with their barbed words
T_olerance of attitude paid off
I_nbuilt resolve defeated those.

R_ays of creators halo
A_bundant with blessings
J_oyously will follow you
A_ccompanying his shadows
S_urrounded by cherub angels
E_nveloping a soul so good
K_nowing your goodness, they will rejoice
H_eralding your presence in their midst
A_lluring are the deeds of some
R_arely found in the mankind
A_nd you good deeds generously abound.

R_est in peace
E_difice of kindness
D_estiny of numerous happiness
D_evotedly you will be missed
Y_earningly in the living world.

.........sunita 3/9/09

In Wait

If beginning has an end
And an end, ends in beginning
Then why life get stranded on a precipice
Jostling along with the crevices?

If a shore has a horizon
And horizon merge with zenith
Then why the waves leave
The shallowness and move away?

Too contradictory, I must say,
The sweeping gales of a laden life
Few remnants are left behind
To wallow in its fall.

But, accordingly the seams
Are hemmed and pounded
With a mellowed flavour
Of sunrise and sunset.

Is the brightness just round the corner?


Fateful Failures

Fractured with umpteen scars
Agonizingly inclined
Towards the hope of
Ephemeral destiny (staggering towards)
Fistful of happiness
Utterly Wishful dreams
Lusty shadow yearnings...

Few twisted paths
Asphalt soaked reddish
Injured by seasons
Lured the dead lull
Under the guise of
Reoccurring pain
Eternally embossed
Surreal and acceptable

Your disguised blessings.......

...sunita 13/10/09


Chalking out a future
Felt like a seamless dream
Wavered on the waves
Wandering out in the open pools.

Little by little
The dream showed signs
Signs of a new beginning
And hoped dropped in stealthily.

Did the tempest
Knew the finality
Of things to come?
Maybe destiny deferred differently?

The joy of being alive
Left a feathery touch
Of a shivering heart
Beating with a transfixed rhythm.

Life you left a footprint behind..........