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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The unwanted Guest!!!!!

It came,
Unnoticed, stealth
Invader with sharp claws
Carrying the tools of death..

Dark it was
But, what force!!
Left gasping for breath
Like a marauder in pursuit!!

Who can fight against it?
The chemical composition
Or the spiritual affiliation?
The sheer myth of life in shreds!!!!!

It came,
Dangling on heartbeat
Twisting and gripping
At its own will..

Pain......what audacity thy!!!!

.........sunita 29/05/09


  1. Giving voice and personality to pain....this is powerful. And familiar to anyone who has grappled with Pain on a personal, intimate basis. Funny how we apply human aspects to a physical experience! In this instance, I think it's apt. Pain can become a fearsome, aggressive, unwanted visitor in the house of our bodies. We're left reeling, attempting to find balance after the supreme slap of it all. Great work!

    - Dawn

    1. Thank you very much Dawn for your comments. Yeah pain is universal :)