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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Cuckoo

I awoke with a jolt
A hushed silence pierced through
What was that sound?
So sweet and melodious
I let my soul wander
For that momentarily pleasure!

Ah!! It came from my backyard
Concealed among the foliage
Such bliss in the voice
Serenading the morn galore
Dark and small it looked !!

I peeped through my window
Craning my neck to view
What a contradictory sight
Dark and melody entwined
In one of god's own miracles!!

Ah!! the branches cradled
The beauty of voice
Among its midst atop
And lo behold!!
I gave a cry of pleasure
To see the queen of melody
Nestled among the green!!

The sweetest voice
Of the dark countenance
Held me in its maze
And worked like an antidote
Against the darkened clouds of my soul!!!



  1. it made me feel as if i saw the bird....

  2. your way of thinking..and visin is so difrent..i m amazed.........keep it up...its one of rarest.....all the best

  3. Bhawana.........thanx a lot for the akin feeling :)

    Ujjwal Subhash....ur comments arouse a feeling of rejuvenating energy :) thank u very much :)