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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Indian Mozart

The sirens arouse from their slumber
Shaken,lilting resonance of distant bells
Awaken along a billion hearts
Towards the toll of the laying lyre.

The swaying trees joined in the chorus
To show their elation along with the nation
The universe merged into one motion
Leaving its footprints on the human conscience.

The lord of music conquered all
Admired and swooned, hearts won
In all humility bowed the humanity
Embracing a brother in mutual felicity

The echoes trumpeted in distant lands
Gathering crescendo in lyrical charms
Heart and soul meandered in sync
Following the Indian Mozart's resonance.

.....sunita ...23/02/09

Ode to a ROSE

There it lay
Among the memories
Wilted with time
However, more alive than dead.
Love’s reminiscence!

It has lost its fragrance
Which once consum

ed the soul?
Symbol of something more!
Reflecting an innocence, when
Emotions felt shearing through.

Aha! Those days
Of melting romance
Sleepless nights, mushy dreams
And wavering heartbeats!!
Oh! The sweet fragrance of thee!!

Thy softness once
Kissed the brows
And caressed the cheeks
Alas! Felt its’ essence
In every pore of the soul.
Trapped in a time frame
It speaks its own language
Wilted though
But sweet still!!