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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Layers of Destiny

leisurely through
the varied layers.
covering hauntingly
a period of time.
Sepia shaded some
and some little tattered.

Each layer had
something to say.
some memories
some pains,some joys
and some moments
left with thoughts

Smothering tenderly
the wrinkled words,
faded and clear entwined.

I reach out
at the last one.
the oldest
among all other layers
very bold and stark
as if a dream, a passion.
An epitaph, of a lost warrior.
And the reflection
gazed at me
with the force
of a tempest
asking me many

Rooted I stare
with scorching orbs
at the lost moments.

The layer,
lay there
with my destiny
carved on its skin.

Exhibiting starkly..

My personal calling.....

...sunita 30/1/09

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here I come!!!!

The verdant glades,
Cool and fragile
Touched me softly
Releasing an unknown emotion,
Felt it, and breath it deeply
Nearly filling my soul
How i missed this for so long
Finally the spirit of life
Left me with wanting more..

The dreams came true
living embossed memories
For a lifetime,
Of peace and happiness
The wait was replenished.
The wild ghosts left to rest forever....

Here i come back Life
To you with open arms
Engulf me and let me feel you again
With the same sanctity of been reborn........


Fragile Dreams!!

A little voice
Somewhere far
Reached out
Defining mercilessly
About the coming clouds.

Clouds of reign,
Clouds of hope,
Clouds of resonance
And the coming of peace.

Let the feathers
Of destiny weave
The hues of solid crust
Heralding the sweetest
Mercy of living deeds.

A forlorn smile
Abated, with
The coming tides
Leaving behind a fragile dream..


The Guilt of helplessness!!!!!!

The imprints of terror
left its resonance on my soul!!!
I want to say so much
But, the heart weeps...

I want to cry
But ,the coldness grips
I want to laugh
And the throat constricts...

I want to be carefree
But, the bullets shreik
So much is going through the mind
Chaperoned with the brimming pall of grief...

Let me know how to
Abate the deeply carved fears......

As it is!!!!

Tough to survive
With an inbuilt treason of guilt!!!

...........sunita 30/11/08

Dreamers weren't they???? (to the martyrs of 26/11/08)

The serpent,
Venom spewing
Coiled itself
The tree
Which fed it
With love...

The unfortunate
In its bile
Gasping for mercy
For the sake of,
old times,
Revelling in past glory.....

What a view
For the onlooker!!!
Thumping its chest
Giggling, at the audacity....

Wasn't the display enough
To gamble with it's destiny??

How does one arouse
A dead conscience?
With bullets or begging bowls?

And fiercely spent......

They slept
For whose sake?
Buried in a 6 feet pit......

Dreamers weren't they?

...sunita 27/11/08

Was it Love???

She waited for the last word,
A word of reassurance
From the biting swells
To feel at home.....

He just held her hand,
His touch speaking
More than any words
Leaving his imprints on her soul....

They bonded as two halves
Synchronized in a melody of their own
And their hearts spoke up for them
Glistening pools joining in their rhythm...

They found each other
In the portals of life...
What was it they felt?
For bringing them together....

...........sunita 17/11/08

The Emperor's Swan Song...(To Dada-The Prince of BENGAL)

As the sun dipped in the earth’s bosom
The mighty Emperor took a “bow “

A silent tear trickled unseen,
Thunder and lightening
Sparkled and gurgled
Regaling, the blue-blooded Lord….

He brought glory
To the million hearts
Aroused passions, umpteen times
Indomitable spirited winner…

The changed winds tempted
His inborn resolve,
Sustaining the tempest
The burning spirit swaggered alone…

Now the time has come
To change the course of destiny
Sharing, caring and blessing
His subject with a born felicity ….

He bids adieu, with dignity,
Paving a path of glory
For dreams to become a reality
Reviving a charged fraternity….



(to the spirit of democracy and for the passionate dreamers ABRAHAM LINCOLN and MARTIN LUTHER KING)

The winds of change
Swept across a heartland
Heralding a new dawn
Creating history for ages
In a land of gold....

Dreams came true
For a multitude
Smeared with a crimson past.
The burning passions aroused
Ignited for freedom
By a dreamer,
Carved into a shining armour..

A difference is made
In a psyche of a nation
Burying the bygones,
Making way for liberation
The spirit of democracy live long ever........


He Walked Tall.......(To Anil Kumble)

He walked talk among his peers
A man of few words
Like a sentinel he stood
Protecting his brood.....

He spanned the universe
With his spinning prowess
Charging across in and out
Through the enemy's heart....

Daredevil he was
In the arena of many,
A never say die stoicism
Made for his born resilience...

And now he still walks tall
Among the countrymen...
A man who inspired generations
With his humbleness and earnest smile.....

Will miss this giant of a hero
For ages to come, the nation
Will feel the void of a great maestro
One among the greatest MAN OF HONOURS....

.........sunita 2/11/08