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Monday, December 21, 2009

Invisible Doors

Those darkened
Varnished immobile
Source of entrance and exit.

Solid and beautified
Portals imitating sentries
Sepia shaded with times.

Filling with sunshine
And the darkness too
As the umbra sets in inertia.

Coming and going
Of breath and breathless
Whiffs of rancid and turbid.

The strong walls
Of pain and molasses
Painted with lifeless glasses.

Sometimes they do open with a thud,and
Sometimes they shut off silently.......why?

sunita..... 22/12/09

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom

Few pearls of wisdom
Wrapped in a shimmering damask
In the long rung of life's cove
Scattered with the aging time.

Gathered through the harsher climes
Through the depth of vastness
Breaking the cloistered fortress
In the search of the nomadic pastures.

Shades of many falls
Left impregnable scars
Through the frostiness of life
Saving few crystal clear bites.

Still through the passage
Living the ghosts behind
Staggered and battered
Cacophonous savages lined.

And the pearls strewn again in posterity......

sunita 11/12/09

Mortal God of the downtrodden

Y_ou have left your mark
E_ngraved on the masses heart
D_elivering the solace they needed
U_nder your accomplished leadership
G_rounded were your resolves
U_nfettered you moved ahead
R_esilience of courage
I_ndicative in your psyche.

S_ome are born leaders
A_s you proved umpteen times
N_ever have you lost focus
D_iligently carried on as a one man force
I_nsidious were the designs of foes
N_ailing thy with their barbed words
T_olerance of attitude paid off
I_nbuilt resolve defeated those.

R_ays of creators halo
A_bundant with blessings
J_oyously will follow you
A_ccompanying his shadows
S_urrounded by cherub angels
E_nveloping a soul so good
K_nowing your goodness, they will rejoice
H_eralding your presence in their midst
A_lluring are the deeds of some
R_arely found in the mankind
A_nd you good deeds generously abound.

R_est in peace
E_difice of kindness
D_estiny of numerous happiness
D_evotedly you will be missed
Y_earningly in the living world.

.........sunita 3/9/09

In Wait

If beginning has an end
And an end, ends in beginning
Then why life get stranded on a precipice
Jostling along with the crevices?

If a shore has a horizon
And horizon merge with zenith
Then why the waves leave
The shallowness and move away?

Too contradictory, I must say,
The sweeping gales of a laden life
Few remnants are left behind
To wallow in its fall.

But, accordingly the seams
Are hemmed and pounded
With a mellowed flavour
Of sunrise and sunset.

Is the brightness just round the corner?


Fateful Failures

Fractured with umpteen scars
Agonizingly inclined
Towards the hope of
Ephemeral destiny (staggering towards)
Fistful of happiness
Utterly Wishful dreams
Lusty shadow yearnings...

Few twisted paths
Asphalt soaked reddish
Injured by seasons
Lured the dead lull
Under the guise of
Reoccurring pain
Eternally embossed
Surreal and acceptable

Your disguised blessings.......

...sunita 13/10/09


Chalking out a future
Felt like a seamless dream
Wavered on the waves
Wandering out in the open pools.

Little by little
The dream showed signs
Signs of a new beginning
And hoped dropped in stealthily.

Did the tempest
Knew the finality
Of things to come?
Maybe destiny deferred differently?

The joy of being alive
Left a feathery touch
Of a shivering heart
Beating with a transfixed rhythm.

Life you left a footprint behind..........


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And I lived another day!!!!!

I made a promise
To myself, not to judge you
You and your omnipotent powers
Power of truth and power of dependency.

But, every time I falter,
When the sun sets, and
When the birds are
Mutely cocooned.
The eerie darkness
Brings along with it
The dark ghosts of yonder
Like scythe marauders
Thirsty for fresh blood..

Unknown fears too
Knocks at the soft walls.
Revealing a fogginess,
Laden with rapier edge.

Night, a nemesis
Like a sepia tomb
Curses the breathe
And, when dawn sets in
It leaves its marks
With deadlines of
Another night in waiting......

And again, fear steps in......



Brave words
So easy to say
Than be done,"self-denial"
An overdue of conscious effort.

How long does one go on?
Faking every waking moment.
Slow decay seems like "lead".

The stench, sometimes
Reminds of the residue
Is it "life" crying out?
Or some shapeless shadows?

Finality of things
Scares the "HELL"
Of being alive
And not living enough.

Deny and deny till one drops "dead"......


The unwanted Guest!!!!!

It came,
Unnoticed, stealth
Invader with sharp claws
Carrying the tools of death..

Dark it was
But, what force!!
Left gasping for breath
Like a marauder in pursuit!!

Who can fight against it?
The chemical composition
Or the spiritual affiliation?
The sheer myth of life in shreds!!!!!

It came,
Dangling on heartbeat
Twisting and gripping
At its own will..

Pain......what audacity thy!!!!

.........sunita 29/05/09

The Cuckoo

I awoke with a jolt
A hushed silence pierced through
What was that sound?
So sweet and melodious
I let my soul wander
For that momentarily pleasure!

Ah!! It came from my backyard
Concealed among the foliage
Such bliss in the voice
Serenading the morn galore
Dark and small it looked !!

I peeped through my window
Craning my neck to view
What a contradictory sight
Dark and melody entwined
In one of god's own miracles!!

Ah!! the branches cradled
The beauty of voice
Among its midst atop
And lo behold!!
I gave a cry of pleasure
To see the queen of melody
Nestled among the green!!

The sweetest voice
Of the dark countenance
Held me in its maze
And worked like an antidote
Against the darkened clouds of my soul!!!


Sweet Adversity?

Sweet Adversity?

So sweet are the fruits of adversity
So says some with such aplomb
Serenading bravely the leaf of hope
Sarcasm laced with a pinch of salt

Somehow, some fall for the falseness
Stupefied with the sharp tongue
Scattering thorns across the brittle path
Scavenging on the plight befallen

Shady ghosts laugh aloud
Stealth eagles hovering at every toll
Show the sky, dark clouds
Shooting stars awaited too long…

Make way for the cross bearer
Timeless adversity….


Wait for me..

Calm down!!
Why such hurry?
Let me take a breather
Yeah...i know
Can see the clock ticking
But...there is so much to do...

Maybe a little
Just a little ..
The time stand still
And i shade the scars
For a little while..

The darkness
shriek in all directions
Claiming the leftovers.........


I let it engulf me wholesomely........

.........sunita 30/3/09

Milestones of Destiny

There are so many issues in life
Which forms the milestones of experienced strife.
Some hard to bear, some are too soft to tread
But still, we move ahead with all the courage and fire..
Surging emotions does hamper the journey
Causing deep scars, brewing with acrimony
And, it does shatters the living reality
With the buried ghost of past memories.
One cannot change one's fateful fragility
Life takes U-turn, when one is hardly ready
And, we flow with the winds of changed destiny
Pushed ahead with the rest of the synched humanity.
We are the chosen one .......

........sunita 20/09/08

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Indian Mozart

The sirens arouse from their slumber
Shaken,lilting resonance of distant bells
Awaken along a billion hearts
Towards the toll of the laying lyre.

The swaying trees joined in the chorus
To show their elation along with the nation
The universe merged into one motion
Leaving its footprints on the human conscience.

The lord of music conquered all
Admired and swooned, hearts won
In all humility bowed the humanity
Embracing a brother in mutual felicity

The echoes trumpeted in distant lands
Gathering crescendo in lyrical charms
Heart and soul meandered in sync
Following the Indian Mozart's resonance.

.....sunita ...23/02/09

Ode to a ROSE

There it lay
Among the memories
Wilted with time
However, more alive than dead.
Love’s reminiscence!

It has lost its fragrance
Which once consum

ed the soul?
Symbol of something more!
Reflecting an innocence, when
Emotions felt shearing through.

Aha! Those days
Of melting romance
Sleepless nights, mushy dreams
And wavering heartbeats!!
Oh! The sweet fragrance of thee!!

Thy softness once
Kissed the brows
And caressed the cheeks
Alas! Felt its’ essence
In every pore of the soul.
Trapped in a time frame
It speaks its own language
Wilted though
But sweet still!!


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Layers of Destiny

leisurely through
the varied layers.
covering hauntingly
a period of time.
Sepia shaded some
and some little tattered.

Each layer had
something to say.
some memories
some pains,some joys
and some moments
left with thoughts

Smothering tenderly
the wrinkled words,
faded and clear entwined.

I reach out
at the last one.
the oldest
among all other layers
very bold and stark
as if a dream, a passion.
An epitaph, of a lost warrior.
And the reflection
gazed at me
with the force
of a tempest
asking me many

Rooted I stare
with scorching orbs
at the lost moments.

The layer,
lay there
with my destiny
carved on its skin.

Exhibiting starkly..

My personal calling.....

...sunita 30/1/09

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here I come!!!!

The verdant glades,
Cool and fragile
Touched me softly
Releasing an unknown emotion,
Felt it, and breath it deeply
Nearly filling my soul
How i missed this for so long
Finally the spirit of life
Left me with wanting more..

The dreams came true
living embossed memories
For a lifetime,
Of peace and happiness
The wait was replenished.
The wild ghosts left to rest forever....

Here i come back Life
To you with open arms
Engulf me and let me feel you again
With the same sanctity of been reborn........


Fragile Dreams!!

A little voice
Somewhere far
Reached out
Defining mercilessly
About the coming clouds.

Clouds of reign,
Clouds of hope,
Clouds of resonance
And the coming of peace.

Let the feathers
Of destiny weave
The hues of solid crust
Heralding the sweetest
Mercy of living deeds.

A forlorn smile
Abated, with
The coming tides
Leaving behind a fragile dream..


The Guilt of helplessness!!!!!!

The imprints of terror
left its resonance on my soul!!!
I want to say so much
But, the heart weeps...

I want to cry
But ,the coldness grips
I want to laugh
And the throat constricts...

I want to be carefree
But, the bullets shreik
So much is going through the mind
Chaperoned with the brimming pall of grief...

Let me know how to
Abate the deeply carved fears......

As it is!!!!

Tough to survive
With an inbuilt treason of guilt!!!

...........sunita 30/11/08

Dreamers weren't they???? (to the martyrs of 26/11/08)

The serpent,
Venom spewing
Coiled itself
The tree
Which fed it
With love...

The unfortunate
In its bile
Gasping for mercy
For the sake of,
old times,
Revelling in past glory.....

What a view
For the onlooker!!!
Thumping its chest
Giggling, at the audacity....

Wasn't the display enough
To gamble with it's destiny??

How does one arouse
A dead conscience?
With bullets or begging bowls?

And fiercely spent......

They slept
For whose sake?
Buried in a 6 feet pit......

Dreamers weren't they?

...sunita 27/11/08

Was it Love???

She waited for the last word,
A word of reassurance
From the biting swells
To feel at home.....

He just held her hand,
His touch speaking
More than any words
Leaving his imprints on her soul....

They bonded as two halves
Synchronized in a melody of their own
And their hearts spoke up for them
Glistening pools joining in their rhythm...

They found each other
In the portals of life...
What was it they felt?
For bringing them together....

...........sunita 17/11/08

The Emperor's Swan Song...(To Dada-The Prince of BENGAL)

As the sun dipped in the earth’s bosom
The mighty Emperor took a “bow “

A silent tear trickled unseen,
Thunder and lightening
Sparkled and gurgled
Regaling, the blue-blooded Lord….

He brought glory
To the million hearts
Aroused passions, umpteen times
Indomitable spirited winner…

The changed winds tempted
His inborn resolve,
Sustaining the tempest
The burning spirit swaggered alone…

Now the time has come
To change the course of destiny
Sharing, caring and blessing
His subject with a born felicity ….

He bids adieu, with dignity,
Paving a path of glory
For dreams to become a reality
Reviving a charged fraternity….



(to the spirit of democracy and for the passionate dreamers ABRAHAM LINCOLN and MARTIN LUTHER KING)

The winds of change
Swept across a heartland
Heralding a new dawn
Creating history for ages
In a land of gold....

Dreams came true
For a multitude
Smeared with a crimson past.
The burning passions aroused
Ignited for freedom
By a dreamer,
Carved into a shining armour..

A difference is made
In a psyche of a nation
Burying the bygones,
Making way for liberation
The spirit of democracy live long ever........


He Walked Tall.......(To Anil Kumble)

He walked talk among his peers
A man of few words
Like a sentinel he stood
Protecting his brood.....

He spanned the universe
With his spinning prowess
Charging across in and out
Through the enemy's heart....

Daredevil he was
In the arena of many,
A never say die stoicism
Made for his born resilience...

And now he still walks tall
Among the countrymen...
A man who inspired generations
With his humbleness and earnest smile.....

Will miss this giant of a hero
For ages to come, the nation
Will feel the void of a great maestro
One among the greatest MAN OF HONOURS....

.........sunita 2/11/08