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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Wordy Carnage

The chemistry,
Of thoughts and words… 

Leaves its residue
In the deep crevices-
Violating marital cord
Emotional havoc followed.

A labyrinth,
Tuned in verbally!
Few can win
In a lifetime totally…

Faking emotions
Need courage…
No other way
To erase-
The wordy carnage...


Tangled Emotions....

In the wisp
Of a passing cloud,
Could feel
The fragrance of your love
Bringing bliss,
In the heart
Of a caged soul.


You left me
Without a chance,
Of no return,
Like a dried twig
Shaken within…


The miracle
The image...
Became clearer
Leaving a scar
Of tangled emotions…

Finally I found my footing……

........sunita 16/10/08

Distant Horizon

She gazed in the distant horizon
Seeing the pattern of varied hues
Some black, some white
Some as grey as her moods
Some blue as she looked.

The journey diversified
With reminiscences eons old
The paleness on her cheeks
Spoke a language of its own
As waves of an experienced life.

The solidified glaze is no more calm
It has dried up with the times
Only the inner turmoil
Is reflected in the saline pools.

The journey needs an anchor
To crave the solace within does one change the clock
Which is stuck without any keys!!!

.........sunita 11/10/08

Petals of Comfort.......

The tempestuous,


Melted coyly


Thy luscious bosoms.

The starkness,


Engulfed in thy fragile dewy hues



..........sunita 30/09/08

Echoes of my heart

The sky,
With it's showers
Brings back too many memories.
The time we spent with each other...long back ago
Still remember the feelings of togetherness
The tender and cherished love we shared
Under the canopy of fragrant earth and heaven.

Those feelings are still alive
Not dead, but subdued in a life's cove
Smoothed and sheltered by the chill winds
Waiting for the spark of siren's chimes.
The wait, has painted
Lingering painful hues
For loving you forever..
From the echoes of my heart.

........sunita 25/09/08

Shared Thoughts

As i rummage through
The writes of fellow poets
The heart goes through
A series of somersaults.

Each write speaks a story
Of emotion,pain and tragedy.
Shared with somebody
Releasing the burden of adversity.

Feels the rhapsody cruising,
A blessing in disguise though
When souls shares the wreath
Of life reminisces as one song.

This journey with fellowman
Has brought the calm grounded
Healing the wounds,
Destiny has bestowed.

Peace and serenity,
Has taken the shape of words
A heart and soul is comforted
Through shared thoughts.

........sunita 20/09/08

A Dreamer of Hope

A dreamer of hope
Always pushing towards the edge
To find that pure feeling
Of been loved till death.

Chances taken at every curve,
Falling and rising to breath again
Effervescent mask, shining soul within,
Trying to buy time,condition to survive.

Pitiful are the hues
Of a sustained life.
Never should one dream,
More than what one deserves.

Live life, love life.....

.......sunita 15/9/08