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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Mirror Speaks the TRUTH

Few drops from the salty pools
Accumulated at the feet
Stuck with the burning discord
Left marked by the hoarder

Dear me, how sure one is
With the vengeance of desire
Thwarting some dreamy wishes
Enforced with a calm nature

Blessed are the few
Born with a platter of gold
Snobby attitude born within
But, see the other side of the Mirror...
Can you see the scars of a demeaned soul?

.......sunita 28/8/08


Let off the steam!
The stagnate heart
Needs a breather
Crisscross thoughts
Jam and smothers.

Caught between,
The precipices
Collision of words
Hither, thither
Suspends bewildered.

The evil pawns
Ready with its claws
Strangling the wisdom
Bringing towards its fiefdom

Desperation, shrinking
open the windows-
a salvo for freedom.
........sunita 28/8/08

The Shades

The smile,
Straight from the heart
Spoke, a million words
Glimpse of a heart, of gold.

The voice,
Clear as honey
Soothing the frayed nerves
Resonance felt through the dark hours.

The varied shades,
In the dark, played hide and seek
Displaying the mood, of the SEASON.

And stood,
Transfixed at a spot, absorbing
The left over of a feeling captured
In the rainbow, of the darkened shadows...

Shades, internal and external
Immobile and fragmented in the glistening sea……..


........sunita 9/9/08

Bachna aa haseeno...:D

Oh god!!! what an evening i had
Never imagined such a watershed in my life
Why this teens love such stuff?
Which makes half of the world go huff huff

There were the pristine LOCALES
So were the cool CHICKS
Long legged and voluptuous blonds
Shaking one leg over the other on and on....

And the romeo prancing around the creeks
Leaving hardly anything for imagination to seek
An Adonis to the hilt in the garb of a priest
Lugging around the CHICKS within his grip...

The cool DUDE had all the fun[:D[
Believe meeeeee!!!!!Smooching the maidens umpteen times
Poor mannequins did the bidding full time
Whatever the DIRECTOR thought was part of a leading lady's life

A sure way of wasted hours three
Bought the tickets for a European tour on screen
And some clippings of an Aditya Chopra block buster
Imitating the king khan in a dull luster.

God save me from such Casanovas
Don't want to be another bacchna HASEENAS

sunita 15/08/08

The FADED heart

Thawed with destiny,
Sometimes knowingly, sometimes unknowingly
The heart rules over the mind unwillingly
Everything falls apart
When the abraded heart suffers helplessly.

And, when the individual wants explode
Shuddering with agony
Churning the facade of memory
Abetting the shattered heart
The discarded soul wanders aimlessly.

Happiness, wealth, long life
Sounds hollow and unkind
When, the heart is left wounded,
Desolate and dry.

In the face of strife
Would pray humbly
To lead a peaceful life
And fade into oblivion, slowly.

......sunita ..12/08/08

The sweetest VICTORY

The dazzling sweetest victory
Harbinger of a new destiny
The darkened clouds abated,
Leaving a crowning glory.

You caught the golden rays
And glowed among the arrays.
The gnawed wounds healed
Applauding the joy renewed.

Let there be more sunshine
Of such winsome victories
Crowning the crest of you destined life,
A wilted nation rejoiced,rejuvenated in your strife.

Very proud of you Indian diaspora
May you live long Abhinav Bhindra
Be born as the sporting Pride of INDIA..

............sunita 11/08/08


Musings ...
Bright, splinted, streaming thoughts....
Rejuvenated by destiny…
Weaved ...
Collectively through the hazy hours
And wreathed with fine confetti....
Hours of...
Contemplation, pain and memories
Took, the shape of words…
The parchment changed
Displaying a canvas of life lived…
Accentuated in bold……

sunita 4/8/08

MASKED happiness!!!!

Unfortunately, the demons never leaves the side.
In every shades they show their hide,
Past glories marching in their wake-
Targeting the slumbering soul with retakes.

Ever betraying the peaceful heart
With its vigorous venomous darts.
Be-gullied moans breaks the silence
Deep in the cavern with turbulence.

Laboriously we burgeon
Thinking life moves on.
Bequeath with the memories
Shoved within the parameters.

What a farce!
Masqueraders ain't we?
Living with hopeless miseries
Tainted with past tragedies..

Forging ahead helplessly
On a stage of borrowed happiness...
Pretending, comforting oneself-

Actors FOR lifelong...


Remain FOREVER....

Everything looks bleak,
Without you around
Life becomes difficult,
Bare and wounded.

Thundering echoes and sly shadows
Shatters the spirit of the order.
But cant fight with destiny
As forced by the bequeath brevity.

We are destiny's children-
As our hearts are synced
And we are fated to be apart.
When feelings are involved,
Life takes its own course.
But, that is how we are-

FROM.......what we feel for each other.

........sunita 22/07/08

Life Moved ON.....

I stopped by to ponder
On the feelings assuaged.
Something inevitable beseeched
The recess of the soul.

As i look back
Towards the path i walked
Strewn with scars of life checkered.
Few moments left eroded silence
And some, moments glorious.
Some soaked the heart with awe,
And some, left tender memories.

Finally, the journey meant a lot
Harvesting the fate of a lifetime sought.
A learning experience felt deeply,
Weathering every adversity wholeheartedly...

And life moved on.........


Release ME

Your gaze held me hostage,
And I blushed to keep alive my vestige.
Deep shaded hues spoke the language
Of the heart turned traitor by your hunger.

Release me from the heartstrings
Composing its own melody
The ignited conflagration sheers
The concealed feelings left buried.


Ephemeral ! ain't WE?

Crushed under the pain
Retraced the steps bravely
Just few moments delivered
By forceful adversary.

Changed winds renewed its temper
Wonder and hope gathered
Move aside,the dark clouds
Here comes the mighty creator.

Rejoiced the soul
Limitless and free
Charging with energy
To the unknown canopy.

Brave hearts do bear
The unseen tempests
Move on with their lives
As creator's disguised angels...

Ephemeral ain't we?.............


When we two parted.....

An unbroken silence
With tears of agony
Felt within our resilience
Made way for the journey.

Few shared moments together
Followed along with the souls forever
Caressing the ignited wounds,
Again and again by the vows taken.

A long journey cut short
Sieged by forces unknown
Despair burgeon;
Cracking the crimson heart.

The silent tears
Severs the bond dear.
Hear the shadows speaks,
Heralding the dark seeker.

Awful shadows looms ahead
Predicting alley's darkened
By severed pathway gravely
Proclaiming the presence of destiny.

The streaks of salinity
Tells its own story,
Reminding the mortals
Life goes on,
When the darkness befalls.

The spirit renewed
With unseen integrity
Moves ahead with dignity
Profoundly truthful.



The void left behind, cannot be filled
when memories crash against the mind.
The darkness engulfed, will change the path
left in between by your love and faith.

The heart will mend, caressed by time.
But, Can i get back what i treasured the most?
Maybe in future when we meet,
at the crossings destiny predefined.

May there be lilacs in your yard
to fill with fragrance, your abode
with butterflies hovering with sweet nectar
enthralling you with their embossed hues.

May the angels be your companions
serenading you with their lyrical chimes.
Be there always with me in the times,
when my heart bleeds for your constant support.