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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oh !!! Mariner

On a vagabond shore she strolled alone,
like a siren heaving with passion atoned.
Restlessly gazing towards the horizon,
waiting for the unseen anchor beyond.

The supple maiden, treads the sands of gold,
proclaiming the hidden source of her woes.
Unforeseen by the wheels of destiny
she awaits, awaits for the warmth of melody.

The salty whiff, culminates with her orbs depth
signifying the pain she harness within her soul.
The wilted will sustained so long, seems to be,
pushing her towards the cobblestone gateway.

"Lo! Behold........Oh my MARINER!"

She whispers through,hurtling between,
dream and reality juxtaposed in finality.
The wavy arms embrace her in its warmth,
charging together in the fragrance of uncertainty.


Be my Anchor

I do feel you in my heart
in my soul and every breathe i take
pulsating through my veins
as my life source.

My heart miss a beat
hearing you come near.
Stranded i look
limp and touched.

A manna for my sustenance
through the harshness of life.
Blessed i feel,
with you around me for lifetime.

Be my anchor forever
as there is no other way
to fill the void of loss
sustained through the dooms day.

We are blessed........

My love......together....

....... sunita....27/5/08

The Life giver -RAIN

The sweet aroma was tantalizing,
filled my soul with its essence.
The brownish softness soaked
by the canopy beloved kissed soothingly.

Mesmerized i breathe deeply,
sucked by the sudden fall.
Streaming, serpentine, Medusa's knot
rushing towards its bosom.

Heralding the new season
the bugles bellowed in sync.
Swashing the green carpet,
the life giver shot in.

Ah!!!! the soul soother
waited too long,
gushed in without warning
making me ecstatically swoon.

Glowed the horizon with,
the myriad hues of its love.
An arc shooting to a new dawn,
bringing the savior of the trodden.


Some unsolved mysteries

Can we fight against time?
Can we change the course of life?

The hidden truth,
can we decipher?
Is there a way,
to escape from decay?

Can we uncover the shroud,
Shielding the unknown cloud?

Can we deceive the existence,
of life's foibles unchecked?

So many unanswered doubts,
a crisscross of unsolved mysteries beholds.