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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Second Chance

My chaffed soul, rejoiced;
heralding the new dawn.
I sustain anew, soaked;
with a vigorous passion.

Times spent on, tattered spirits;
regained its strength,breathlessly
calling on the future,
with lilt in its chimes.

Caught on a wave of hope,surfaced;
through a second chance,smiled
the destiny with a blissful grit,
charging ahead with renewed spirits.

Ephemeral; i know,
acceptance i cannot ignore.
Thanks to thee;for the mercy,
a second chance bestowed on me.

I feel the melody in my soul again,
a new renaissance has just begun.

Blessed me......


Conquering PAIN

A few drops of pain
i mixed with my tears
to form a concoction of
future memories.....

Few drops fell
on the ground
massaged by the fate
fatally crushed.

A twist of chances taken
stumbled on the way
harpooning the chartered course
of an unknown road.

Befallen tragic links
summed up together
converging again
to the same juncture....

Escaped unscathed.........
..........sunita 16/5/08

Don't worry be HAPPY

Life is a beast of tragedy
making one's living a parody.
Some succumb under its pressure
some accept the pitfalls as treasure.

So my dear friend;
here is something i lend.
A few words of life's experience
hope you would be left in trance.

So here we go
rapping follow.........
Listen to me mate.....

We cant share sorrows
which life has borrowed.
Enough of mockery
for the sake of ones worry.
Time to move on mate
can't fight with your fate.
It's a teacher in disguise
accept it with all smiles.
Few lives on one's woes
doesn't heal others souls.

Let the world smile and be cheery
so laugh and be merry.

A short life my friend , don't hurry
enjoy it to the fullest.

Be happy, don't worry....


Circle of LOVE

This nameless feeling i feel for you
and the cruising of love
like a dewdrop sweetened with
the passion of early morning...

Destiny entwined two souls
like a merging of waves;
a momentous spark
keeps our love moving.

Never knew love can be so fulfilling,
leaving its footprints with painful echoes.
But, the intensity of these feelings
purify what we mean and what we go through.

If something happens to one of us.........
forsaken by the invisible wall of life's force
we shall remain true ; my love,
as it is for ever as long as we live
heart, body, mind and soul..
a complete circle of love.

We will wait for the day;
to meet again.
just like night and day;
can never meet
but we will,
in the lap of destiny beyond where;

The flush of love will remain


Awaiting Downfall

An inbuilt shield shears,
causing the cosmic pain
terrified of the outcome
of an unknown defined woes;

Is it FEAR what i feel?

A throbbing of emotions
carried through restless nights,
caressing the cores
searching for unsaid queries.

Is it PAIN i feed on?

An exultant feeling,
the weapon of survival
tempting in varied hues
to believe in the displayed clues;

Is it FAITH i depend on?

the journey has come to an end;


Is there more to come?

Awaiting downfall.........



I do fake,
the inner turmoil ;
A mesmerizing,
masque of emotions.
Inter playing;
vivid imagery.
Soulfully, like a dirge.
Shutting out the phantoms
Over the timeless storms...

What is that beckons me afar?
A piercing shriek, concealed
Squeezing out; through my soul.
Like a venomous labyrinth.

A charade;
I live, to survive....
Deep, quite deep...

Juxtaposed ever.......

--------sunita 8/5/08

My Shadow

smiled knowingly
creeping beside.
A touch of glimpse,
conveying something.

would i be the next,
the soul on the altar?

Death still smiled saying,
'Child where would i go if not near u,
I am always there surrounded by the forces,
who are your existence sources'

lost for words
way beyond the quest,
still; want to know
how far i last.

looked benevolently and said,
'I am there as far as you go.
I am your constant companion, your soul mate.
I follow you everywhere,in sadness and joy'
I am your shadow,your conscience.
Don't be scared of me.........I am you and you are me'

looked at each other
understandingly smiled......


-----sunita 3/5/08