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Sunday, April 27, 2008

You and Me

I am there with you
my love.
i am there....
for how long
i don't know
but i am there....
beside you,
in your dreams...
feeling your heartbeat,
pulsating through mine.

A lingering ache
in the touch...
the love shines
cruising through the veins.

A feeling to cherish for a lifetime
maybe we, be together or not
but, the depth of this love,
will find solace in eternity
bringing you and me
forever in a divine sanctity.

------sunita 26/4/08


Many a times wondered,
assuaged with this thought
of meeting people
known, unknown;
through the parchment of words.

Sharing; caring
in an unseen world,
veiled faces of synced souls.
far apart;
but, been so near
as if one's own.

A critical appraisal
or an emotional bond
every feeling left open
to satiate the soul.

Ah! a fraternity..
of passioned heartbeats
of emotional dependency.
Who cares for each other
above regional disparity.

A milieu of synced thoughts;
brought together.
bonded with each other
ever and ever
with a wreath of verse.......


-------sunita 24/4/08

Immortal Lovers

A sweet poison of love
engulfed them in thy embrace.

Like birds of lovesong
entwined beyond.

A paradise awaitens
the doomed lovers.

For thy love JULIET,
ROMEO lives forever.

--------sunita 6/2/08

Beseech The

If only i knew
the path of my destiny;
to restore faith,
in every adversary;
I would see the

The design;
of the crumbling blocks,
wrapped in a time frame.

Deeply felt remorse
for things undone,
before the demise;
of an ash ridden soul.

Give me the peace;
i beseech thee....
let me feel,
the pulse of existence.

Let the restless soul,
be in peace....

--------sunita 21/4/08

Suspended Between


Between the heart and mind….
Stifling, stifling, senselessly….

Contradicting resonance…….
Trespassing, stealthily
Labyrinth thoughts…..

The constant nemesis
Wrecking the resolve……


The puppeteer, the master……

Silence, silence…..SILENCE

The curtain rises………..

-----sunita 7/4/08

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Pride

The reflections in the orbs depth
Was the pride of the provider's heath?

Time has carved a monument
Of beauty and nobility
a piece of life my own….

Soaring in the open sky
Full of warmth and gleeful sigh
The wings have learnt to spread far and wide…

Was it yesterday held she my hand?
For small gestures of attention she chant?
A heartstring puller with umpteen queries
Passed my garden with giggling peals….

Now I look beyond the horizon
With a pride of bliss
My fledgling has grown too big
Its time for me to remain aside....

The world is at her feet
Beckoning with mystical quest….

Fly my baby fly……
Far and wide
you spread your wings

-------sunita 29/3/08


Piercing dreams absolved in fortitude
Skidding and sliding in the hazy magnitude.

Expressing the deepest forlorn desire
Shearing and dissolving, unsung lyre.

Fortunate are the memories, subconsciously
Cherished and touched, forsaken by reality.

Rationally or irrationally, found so
Forfeited or contemplated, thought low.

Dreams just dreams, my unclad companion
Engraved thoughts concealed within……
------sunita 25/3/08

Resonating Silence

Lay bare in decay
paraded in heresy,
among the lilac strewn,
cobblestone gateway.

A silent ordeal;
resonating untold stories.
no unseen swords to fight
nor spears to shred the miseries.

Times, when wandered aimlessly
begetting, befitting memories.
stood up,induced maladies,
unstoppable parodies...

Soul-soaked tranquility
bestowed in lordly vicinity.....
took chances,undeterred.....
charged possibilities-----

Time, only time.....
glaring realities.
---sunita 16/2/08

Lament me not

Lament me not,
remember me
for the sweet memories;
your world now springs
while mine fades.

Time drives the flock to fold
so does river rages and rocks grow old.
the flowers fades, winter wanes the fields
the hour of reckoning each one yields.

Pity I win knowledge to succeed
sought words to paint my deeds.
don't cry for a life anguished
my spirits were never languished.

lament me not
since curse of want I renounce
mercy in death I found.

The smell of dust beckons,
life's contentment disowns.
to die in dust, will regain my fame,
heaven's will ,write my glorious name.

Lament me not,
could love last and youth breed
and many desires left to freed.
the thorn of blackness
invade my heart's starkness.

Remember me
in the smiles of;
life's remnants.

-------sunita 6/3/08

I am a WOMAN !!!!

I am what i am by the virtue of the lord
blessed with a perseverance in the human fold.

Feel me in humility and love ,disguise
mother, daughter, sister, wife.

Tuned in life in different role,
loved and cherished by every soul.

Pitied ,shunned, coerced, submissive identity
an inborn grit to bear every adversity.

The mother of fore bearers
universal truth unfold in strifes.

Pain and joy in others happiness
an epitome of the highest sacrifice.

Blessed i am for been born
part of unending source of life govern.

Not something to be treated as uncommon
I am what i am; I AM A WOMAN.
-----sunita 8/3/08


The MEN IN BLUE swaggered along,
show the opponents where they belong
geared die hard determination
tackle the kangaroos termination.

The spacers set the pitch in motions
slaying the aggressors in potions,
bowled, tossed around, sound yorkers
enticing the passionate onlookers.

The little gentleman out shined
shutting the mumblings in kind
the ray of hope of future
synced with the eminent teacher.

The verdict is engraved for the dominator's
accept the inevitable truth of the crusaders
a billion die hard throbbing worshipers
urging young invincible TITANS.

Shell shocked foes humbled beyond words
perseverance, a spirited sustenance galores
if today is mine will tomorrow be far behind
the universal truth of righteousness has won.

--------sunita 2/3/08

Mercy, My LORD

I implore to thee
Let me be free
For the continuity ,
Of my seed’s tree.

Get me
Summon me
Flaying your noose
Swallow in your shadows.

A chance I ask
For heaven sake;

Let me dwell---
Not fail.
for them
who has faith in me.

Let my
Indestructible Spirit
lay bare for you
when my shadow
fades in oblivion.
-----sunita 28/2/08

What a FIASCO !!!!!!!!!!!!

An incident unforgettable
Hilarious and memorable.

Allow me the pleasure of narration
A mind going through degeneration

An occasion,
Desperate to attend,
Waited for the day to come
A moment of someone’s union.

The day came as reckoned
Woke up with a frown
What to wear?”
Red saree or blue?
Will the choker suit?
What about the makeup?
God so many doubts!!!

As the day progressed
Am jittery with queries muddled.

Aha!! The saree is ironed and the BLOUSE still fitting
Dressed up from head to toe,
Ready to go.

Preening myself in the mirror for the last time ,
For any loose ends ,checked the tucks and pins.

The door bell rang,
Maybe somebody ,late evening guests
There were four tall, handsome dudes,
At the doorstep asking,
 ”Ma'm why you didn't attend the marriage of so and so?”

I gaped and gawked!!!!!
What are they saying?
Am I sleep walking.
Ohh no! what a fiasco!!!

The marriage was in the morning
Me dressed up to attend it in the evening.

My daughter was the culprit
Read the invitation card;
And passed the message saying Feb 4th.
Without specifying the time of the auspicious union.

Damn! never felt so lost
Such troubles I endured

Old age is catching up I suppose

-----sunita 18/2/08


Paradoxically acclaimed
aren't we?
the human race.

Fate to fate;
dust to dust
we meander along
the path of life.

myriad hues,
of passions and woes.

A zealous effort
with hopes vanquished
stormy weathers withered.

Rancour withheld;
connected creed.

bonded ever;
love and peace


-------sunita 24/2/08


Amazing mysterious feelings
Surging through consciousness
Crushing the layers
Beguiled ,frantically motionless.

Taut and remorseful
The innards quell
Shredding the concealed
Mind falters and bleeds.

Hitting in the darkness
Tired and restless
Quest fathomless
Unfulfilled priceless.

Hark the pleasures
In pathless woods.
The society shuns
Unforced intruders.
---------- sunita 22/2/08

Wandering Thoughts

Wandering thoughts pushing the facade of norms,
a life lead in harness or to be free without wants
catching a glimpse of the voyager beyond
tired of tumultuous storms.

Carry the burden of adversity
shunned by the humanity
whereabout your desires
feel the burning dye casts.

Do you believe"I AM FREE"
a lifelong commitment i see?
misnomer aren't we
misleading tragedy.

Hoping to be different
unrestrained or strained
a relationship on ends
time to start and sustain.
-------- sunita 21/2/08