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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Seasons of Life

Can you hear?
The whisper of the waning season,
Heralding an unknown disaster.

Can you see?
The eroded cliff,
Accentuating the plight of transistion.

Can you see the difference?
The unseen tomorrow.

The seasons have left;
impregnable scars.

Wake up!
Dont gather;
autumn's fallen leaves.

The innocence,my dear,
Lost Forever.
----sunita 13/2/08

Leave Me Alone

Dont show me the window of happiness
a reflection of a mirage;
let my thoughts shroud the inner turmoil
the last frontiers i am to befall.

Dont want to see the sensibility
the desperate attempt of tranquility
a loss of faith and belief;
created untarnishable barriers bereft.

Please let me be in peace
let me find the comfort within
the battles of words
left me with wounds unseen.

I crouch and crawl ;
shattered and screaming;
----- sunita 12/2/08


At your behest ,my love
i surrender to thee---


Reap apart my trecherous heart,
Let there be a musical symphony---


A molten lava crushing through,
throbbing, pulsating--


Rapturous crescendo,
ethereal crystalline,wanton,
lissome me to blame---


An ephemeral thrust,
essence of culmination---


An union of love so pure'
you to me, me to you------
Manacled forever.
-----sunita 7/2/08

The Star Gazer

To break from the shackles of societical bondage,
To weave a path alone, defying the human race,
To achieve and hold the world in the grasps of its fold;
Only few can reach the starry heights, been brave and bold.

She had the courage to break the domestic ties
Adaged ‘woman is nothing but a dormant shamble of inferiors’
Showed the world, only courage and determination
Alone has the strength to break all the rules.

She dreamt of greatness of impossible mission;
A stargazer became a star herself;
She trodden the path of success
With an awesome power of diligence and steadiness.

You are a role model for the youth
Inspired and dreams bequeath;hope for the future;
With stars in the eyes and hearts full of desires.
You guide them from far above,
Like a beacon of light
To pave a path of immense measures
Make the nation proud of them alike.

She will ever be cherished in the annals of WORLD space history.
The Kohinoor of India KALPANA CHAWLA will be remembered till eternity.
--------sunita 3/2/2003