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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A nation's quest.[BORN]

Crested with forgotten valour,
Raiment of identity;peace and prosperity
Awoken to the call of innumerable possibilities
A nation was born.

A land of ancient lineage
A civilization of flamboyant echoes
Scintillating cultural ambience
A nation was born.

Turbulent storms
scourged the brave hearts,
Enduring the tempest, they fought on.
A fathomless ; unquenchable thirst engraved;
A nation was born.

Never to be shrouded again
With unseen claws of destiny;
Firm and determined they stood
A nation was born.

Every evil been enslaved by its diasporic humanity
Time will bear the testimony, to its harmony and diversity.
----------- sunita 25/1/08

Destiny's Child

this is on one year on orkut poetry community.

How time pass by;
leaving sweet memories behind.
Year of friendship;
wonderful moments i worship.

You have touched my life;
been my friend and guide .
The hardships i came across
abated with your constant grace.

Never was a stranger;
the bond of destiny;
brought us together.

Moved us with its force;
made us one ;
with unseen measure.

I pray to thee;
be there forever.

Thank you soul mate,
we are miracle;
of life's fate.
------sunita 17/1/08

Confession of a MAVERICK

A reckless streak;
cruising through blood
like a timeless maverick.

Scorching, fierce wanderlust;
an utopian pursuit
racks the cavern of;
throbbing beguiled soul.

ruminating tireless journey.
A glimmer of hope,
a deep sense of purpose,
for the unknown course.
palpable and wanting ,
ever and ever more.

The liberation of thoughts
crashing against;unseen ghosts.
challenging each other,
fought within.

In the want of mirage,
i flutter alone,
with my broken plummage.
----------sunita 19/1/08

Farewell my dear

To my degree 2007-08 batch farewell. will miss them.

There are some moments
in life.
Whose essence;
leaves a mark;
on one’s reminiscence
like a collage.

Year by year;
batches after batches;
they move on.
Leaving a deep sense of pain
they go on.

They dazzled like stars
hues of attired maidens.
The young fledglings have grown
into erudite icons.
engraved innumerable memories
Bloomed in the mater’s corridors.

The poignant good byes
with misty eyes;
embracing friends and foes alike.

Something cracked deep inside,
seeing the seagulls about to fly.
Many memories ;
etched in the recess of mind
shared their joys and pains in kind.

Well life goes on,
time to dwell on
what lies beyond.

Farewell dearest,
You are enshrined
in my heart’s;
---------sunita 16/1/08


The past ,
endured experiences;
haunts the restless
soul's void crevices.

Tearing apart ;
cavernous shield
of false fa├žade.

The etched wounds;
gape open,
the bygone moments.
Crashing against;
the turbulent emotions.

In Search of peace
a vagabond pursuit;

I am there;
I am there;
Very near ----confident and fearless.

Few more impediments to surface
am ready to face ; with all the infinite;
and spirited grace..
---sunita 11/1/2008


New year resolution

A new beginning on the horizon,
mesmerising and tantalising.

Let us make it more prosperous,
with an inclination towards; magnanimity and humility.

Let there be no pain,
no starved human soul.

Let there be no bloodshed,
no danger of discord.

Let us make this god's place,
an abode of heaven and peace.
--sunita 31/12/2007


A new year resolution

Let us remember the beautiful moments we shared,
the pain and sorrows along with joy too cared.

A wholesome experienced life we endured,
as days waned and waxed together.

A mysterious tomorrow waving it's arms,
the present bowed down with charm.

Glory and humility's juxtaposed quest,
adds a glimmer in the hopeful's breast.

They say time and tide waits for none,
why not make the best of everything undone.

Hope springs eternal in human breast,
humanity wished in the future's conquests
-----sunita 1/1/08


this poem is dedicated to the unfortunate people of DARFUR.

Riding on the wave of prudence
heart felt memories assauge.
can we turn the clock back
from the inevitable wreck?

Just a glimpse of compassion
a distorted soul seek,
amongst the milieu,
of synched multitudes.

Gone are the days of bliss
when scalding emotions fleece;
its time of resolution-----
maybe tomorrow brings
a day of mirth and pleasures.--
sunita 16/12/07


Let me,
hold your hand
few more miles more
you and me together.

Let me,
touch you once,
soft lines of your face
remnants of an ageless grace.

Let me,
please let me see,
the pain in your eyes
a reflection of my life.

Let me,
be there with you
when you walk alone
through the gates of heaven.

Let me ,
be there forever
my destiny  entwined
with you, only you ,
now or never.
----sunita 9/12/07

Hinglish samosas and pakodas

When winter comes along
hot samosa and pakodas I long.
Wintery nights makes me mushy
feels my heart with khusi.

The time stops still;
when its nearly four,
the evening has worn its cloak.
Cant go out , it ‘s chill , dark and bleak.

Just wants to warm up,
get rid of the sardii.
The modern gadgets are traitors
when the power cut glooms , bedardi.
An early night is what I desire
how tempting to snuggle between the razaii.

Around 8 0’clock hear a knock,
some late night guests I suppose.
Oh no ! Mr and Mrs REDDY at the door,
now have to run errands on all fours.

Putting my best foot forward,
faking a smile,ask,what they would prefer,
Some hot coffee or tea?
The lady fully adorned at this hour,
with a sexy smile and batting lashes;
would like to have some tea instead of coffee;
Some horlicks for her kids too.

Here I was seething and brewing;
Longing for an early night.
The power has taken a break again
me worried ,the mosquitoes menace will began;
that’s the end of my dreamland.

Finally I was free,
the power has regain.
Time to have supper,
Oh!! the dishes are done;
The warm blanket beckon.

Ah !!!! so warm and mast;
Taking a hardcover,
winks,At my tall, dark and handsome .
Feeling like a die hard romantic
With my all time-- MILLS AND BOON CLASSIC.


This is to the world class batsmen who always mesmerizes with his style. wrote this when he broke ALLAN BORDER'S record.

It’s a pleasure,
watch this treasure;.
Thundering motions,
overwhelmed emotions.

The crowd applauds,
worship this lord;
palpable presence
humanly awesome.

Astounding awe,
opponents bow;
calculated risks taken
records been broken

.Immense determination,
against opposition;
Facing missiles;
hounding sprinters..

One after another,
tons of coffers;
Fills his foes;
withSeething fears.

Gladiators prowl,
predator scoffs.
Gnashing the willow;
enemies mellow.

Age has not marred
The stylish blazer.
Annals of history,
Recalls the mastery
Invincible; hitter.
Haunting ever ;
hearts of shooters.

Short stature,
Sensibly mature;
Enchanting smile
bewitchingly benign.

He is our greatest batsman;
with a latent potential.
Our own little master
The one and only one—


this is too Ah Poetry. without it i would have not survived the pain i endured. and i thought i will never come back frm my illness.but here iam back with a bang still posting my musings.

I came across----
like a toss,
a creed apart--
full of heart.

Filled with wisdom,
fired with freedom.
Full of sensitivity,
born with creativity.

A class of intellectuals,
with a vagabond pursuits.
where i met them is no secret,
all of them are my soul mates.

Benevolent people,
with a heart of gold.
Its time to say goodbye,
and i dont want to cry.

Thanx to AH-POETRY,
the blessed community.
for making my life,
a blissful serenity


I know a gentleman
my biggest fan.
Very smart and tall
admired by all.

Very apt and duty bound
never seen mopping around.
A welcoming smile on his face
gives his countenance a grace.

Always ready to help
as seasons eclipse
.From morning till dusk
he never makes a farce.

As i enter the gate
he wishes with such elate.
This stranger is meticulous
with life so tedious.

Really admire his dexterity
having solution for every impossibility.
He is none other than
my college security-man.

Chak de India

WELL to say briefly i wrote this poem for young turks who clinched the world cup for INDIA.

WANDERERS wandered onto the WANDERER,
deep in their breast,feelings of ectasy and fear.

An awesome opponent on the pitch,
ready to kick with an inevitable itch.

Some bowled without any care,
some hit across the fence with dare.

Anxiety around the crease,
ready to cross the breach.

Some lost their cool,
some acted as fool.

Finally the harm was done,
journey with the cup has began.

YOUNG and energetic team was born,
Determination and patience has won.
WELL to say briefly i wrote this poem for young turks who clinched the world cup for INDIA.

WANDERERS wandered onto the WANDERER,
deep in their breast,feelings of ectasy and fear.

An awesome opponent on the pitch,
ready to kick with an inevitable itch.

Some bowled without any care,
some hit across the fence with dare.

Anxiety around the crease,
ready to cross the breach.

Some lost their cool,
some acted as fool.

Finally the harm was done
,journey with the cup has began.

YOUNG and energetic team was born,
Determination and patience has won.

Wizards of yore

Me been a voracious reader,
found a friend, mentor, guide and philosopher,
through long hours of loneliness;
in the mystical world of literature.

The world of books is an ocean;
churning, mesmerizing, stormy;
difficult to swim across the horizons
without whirling turmoil and emotions.

We live in a sheath of nothingness
when there is much to gain
bounded in the pulpy cushion
imaginative world of pages and pages.

A world of literary revolutions
bought enlightment to many nations.
where man of letters,
changed the course of history and passions.

A novice among an array of erudite's,
mere mortal browsed through their greatest works;
enchanted in the alluring words
my heart soared high;
with amazement and awe.

I bow down to the literary giants
for their creativity and abilities
to conjure up images of rare;
obscurities and absurdities.

Marlowe, Bacon, Donne, Shakespeare;
all the great giants of yore;
full of life and inevitable galore,
paved a path for a spirited sustenance;
through pain and pleasure.

Their simplicity and dexterity,
converged with my mental ability;
caught me in the maze of wisdom
drowning myself in the abyss;
gigantic, transcendental,ebullient kingdom.

Gratitude muses for been that world for me,
through the pangs of need.
A beacon of ray, my solace,
in the hours of solitude.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An angel plea[Through the eyes of a child]

Blood thirsty hounds on prowl
making the innocent crawl;
killing the essence of living,
what is left for believing?
Heart rending cries from afar
shaking the innards bare---

A forlorn look from the blank eyes
questioning the remnants blues---

Is this the legacy i am heir to?
A gaping inhumanity
given me in charity.

Give me a future;
where i bloom
full of joy and peace;
where dreams come true.

Let me live,let me live
a life of honor and deeds;
which makes me proud,
for been born a human being.
-------sunita 30/12/08

Mystified memories

From the deep recess of my mind,
something unknown echoes,
i try to define,
the source of my woes.

Cascading through my thoughts,
blistering forms of emotion,
etching the memories sought.
layers as mammoth as ocean.

A feeling seething with plight,
an encompassed memory,
wings of emotions taking flight,
untold melodies ,unseen and dreary.

An access to the unfound,
dragging the last breath,
days are few too, as am bound.
trapped in a timeless sheath.


I see the darkness of the night,
mesmerizing and intense.
Wishing for many things,
far away beyond the horizon.

I sit alone under the stars gild night,
me and my solitude,
synchronized in thoughts.

Can see the lush green fields,
the swinging palms and beaches.
Beckons me with its beauty,
but alas! if only desires can be fulfilled.

I miss u my nativity,
engrossed in reminiscence,
with a passionate and lingering essence.


Its that time of life,
when expectations are high.
Adios, time to say goodbye,
to all the lovely things i like.

The beheaded demons,
venom spewing---
have awaken again,
shattering the shield,
from the abyss,of my soul.

Fear--the harbinger of doom.
The superficial facade,
of brave front,is invaded,
making way,to surrender,
to my distorted core.

Exploding emotions,
volcanic intensity--
dreadful gravity--
embossed wounds-
clutching haphazard motions.

The dread is killing,
awaited and awaited,
scrapping the crevices of my soul.

Lost track of time

I jostled against the tide of time,
nothing is left in the journey of life.

Things were thought differently,
never were meant to go in hurry.

I bleed to death with the appalling pain,
fighting till last for what i have not gain.

Is this what is stored in my destiny,
half way through my life's journey.

Expected many avenues on the way,
but ended up as a seamless cast away.
------ sunita

Motherhood--a gift

There are some moments in life,
timeless, immemorable.
The day i held
a cuddly, wriggly, wrinkly,
bundle of joy,
in my arms.

The angelic countenance,
made me forget,the pain i endured.
The chinky eyes, smacking lips,
sloppy smile and wrinky nose,
tugged the fragile heart strings.

My joy knew no bounds,
the flood gates shed unbound.
Happiness was found,
sleeping in my arms feeling sound.

The pleasure of motherhood,
through phases of youth and childhood,
made me the happiest person,
on this earth.

My sweet little darling,
a miracle, a part of myself.

Nothing could defy the bliss i felt,
my spirits soared high,
seeing in my hands,
the creation of life
------SUNITA 31st January 1989