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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Monsoon Regained

Seasonal second quarter,
comes in flutter.
Bringing along,
swinging south –east blower.

Thundering ; illuminating,
heralding its presence.
through azure horizon;
hovering dark ghosts arisen.

Drops of elixir,
unfurled parasol.
Coolant relief
rejuvenates spirits.

Gleeful elves;
beseeching smiles.
Serpentine rivulets.
sailing paper boats.

Amorous : soothing
drenched earth’s aroma;
Resonates Flush of first kiss
seeping senses with bliss.

Eyes of a provider,
blistered posture;
Shattered dreams
regained pleasure.

Bountiful nature;
Resplendent with treasure.

-sunita 20/11/07

Monday, January 7, 2008


Encrusted in the misty heights;
penetrating virgin starkness;
grounded resolved precipice
a Lone Sentinel’s resilence.

The tranquility of oblivion
embossed on his soul .
Reflecting ; concealed;
sustained internal turmoil
everlasting crown’s jewel.

Lingering glance
towards the horizon,
a greener pasture beckons;
bestowed with myriad hues.

The stoic resolve falters
fragment of seconds.
Destination prods ;goading;
His silent ordeal;
Resonate the pristine cliffs .

Diabolical crusaders,
Belligerent ; empathizing comrades?
Embolden front
detrimental for survival.
Thoughts synchronized
across the frontier.

A creed apart ,
untarnished; indomitable;
Spirited Philanthropic pursuits.
The greater truth prevails;
Sacramental altar of womb’s
The Lone Sentinel sanguinely succumbs.

Sake of humanity;
embraces immortality.

-sunita 8/12/07