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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Wordy Carnage

The chemistry,
Of thoughts and words… 

Leaves its residue
In the deep crevices-
Violating marital cord
Emotional havoc followed.

A labyrinth,
Tuned in verbally!
Few can win
In a lifetime totally…

Faking emotions
Need courage…
No other way
To erase-
The wordy carnage...


Tangled Emotions....

In the wisp
Of a passing cloud,
Could feel
The fragrance of your love
Bringing bliss,
In the heart
Of a caged soul.


You left me
Without a chance,
Of no return,
Like a dried twig
Shaken within…


The miracle
The image...
Became clearer
Leaving a scar
Of tangled emotions…

Finally I found my footing……

........sunita 16/10/08

Distant Horizon

She gazed in the distant horizon
Seeing the pattern of varied hues
Some black, some white
Some as grey as her moods
Some blue as she looked.

The journey diversified
With reminiscences eons old
The paleness on her cheeks
Spoke a language of its own
As waves of an experienced life.

The solidified glaze is no more calm
It has dried up with the times
Only the inner turmoil
Is reflected in the saline pools.

The journey needs an anchor
To crave the solace within does one change the clock
Which is stuck without any keys!!!

.........sunita 11/10/08

Petals of Comfort.......

The tempestuous,


Melted coyly


Thy luscious bosoms.

The starkness,


Engulfed in thy fragile dewy hues



..........sunita 30/09/08

Echoes of my heart

The sky,
With it's showers
Brings back too many memories.
The time we spent with each other...long back ago
Still remember the feelings of togetherness
The tender and cherished love we shared
Under the canopy of fragrant earth and heaven.

Those feelings are still alive
Not dead, but subdued in a life's cove
Smoothed and sheltered by the chill winds
Waiting for the spark of siren's chimes.
The wait, has painted
Lingering painful hues
For loving you forever..
From the echoes of my heart.

........sunita 25/09/08

Shared Thoughts

As i rummage through
The writes of fellow poets
The heart goes through
A series of somersaults.

Each write speaks a story
Of emotion,pain and tragedy.
Shared with somebody
Releasing the burden of adversity.

Feels the rhapsody cruising,
A blessing in disguise though
When souls shares the wreath
Of life reminisces as one song.

This journey with fellowman
Has brought the calm grounded
Healing the wounds,
Destiny has bestowed.

Peace and serenity,
Has taken the shape of words
A heart and soul is comforted
Through shared thoughts.

........sunita 20/09/08

A Dreamer of Hope

A dreamer of hope
Always pushing towards the edge
To find that pure feeling
Of been loved till death.

Chances taken at every curve,
Falling and rising to breath again
Effervescent mask, shining soul within,
Trying to buy time,condition to survive.

Pitiful are the hues
Of a sustained life.
Never should one dream,
More than what one deserves.

Live life, love life.....

.......sunita 15/9/08

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Mirror Speaks the TRUTH

Few drops from the salty pools
Accumulated at the feet
Stuck with the burning discord
Left marked by the hoarder

Dear me, how sure one is
With the vengeance of desire
Thwarting some dreamy wishes
Enforced with a calm nature

Blessed are the few
Born with a platter of gold
Snobby attitude born within
But, see the other side of the Mirror...
Can you see the scars of a demeaned soul?

.......sunita 28/8/08


Let off the steam!
The stagnate heart
Needs a breather
Crisscross thoughts
Jam and smothers.

Caught between,
The precipices
Collision of words
Hither, thither
Suspends bewildered.

The evil pawns
Ready with its claws
Strangling the wisdom
Bringing towards its fiefdom

Desperation, shrinking
open the windows-
a salvo for freedom.
........sunita 28/8/08

The Shades

The smile,
Straight from the heart
Spoke, a million words
Glimpse of a heart, of gold.

The voice,
Clear as honey
Soothing the frayed nerves
Resonance felt through the dark hours.

The varied shades,
In the dark, played hide and seek
Displaying the mood, of the SEASON.

And stood,
Transfixed at a spot, absorbing
The left over of a feeling captured
In the rainbow, of the darkened shadows...

Shades, internal and external
Immobile and fragmented in the glistening sea……..


........sunita 9/9/08

Bachna aa haseeno...:D

Oh god!!! what an evening i had
Never imagined such a watershed in my life
Why this teens love such stuff?
Which makes half of the world go huff huff

There were the pristine LOCALES
So were the cool CHICKS
Long legged and voluptuous blonds
Shaking one leg over the other on and on....

And the romeo prancing around the creeks
Leaving hardly anything for imagination to seek
An Adonis to the hilt in the garb of a priest
Lugging around the CHICKS within his grip...

The cool DUDE had all the fun[:D[
Believe meeeeee!!!!!Smooching the maidens umpteen times
Poor mannequins did the bidding full time
Whatever the DIRECTOR thought was part of a leading lady's life

A sure way of wasted hours three
Bought the tickets for a European tour on screen
And some clippings of an Aditya Chopra block buster
Imitating the king khan in a dull luster.

God save me from such Casanovas
Don't want to be another bacchna HASEENAS

sunita 15/08/08

The FADED heart

Thawed with destiny,
Sometimes knowingly, sometimes unknowingly
The heart rules over the mind unwillingly
Everything falls apart
When the abraded heart suffers helplessly.

And, when the individual wants explode
Shuddering with agony
Churning the facade of memory
Abetting the shattered heart
The discarded soul wanders aimlessly.

Happiness, wealth, long life
Sounds hollow and unkind
When, the heart is left wounded,
Desolate and dry.

In the face of strife
Would pray humbly
To lead a peaceful life
And fade into oblivion, slowly.

......sunita ..12/08/08

The sweetest VICTORY

The dazzling sweetest victory
Harbinger of a new destiny
The darkened clouds abated,
Leaving a crowning glory.

You caught the golden rays
And glowed among the arrays.
The gnawed wounds healed
Applauding the joy renewed.

Let there be more sunshine
Of such winsome victories
Crowning the crest of you destined life,
A wilted nation rejoiced,rejuvenated in your strife.

Very proud of you Indian diaspora
May you live long Abhinav Bhindra
Be born as the sporting Pride of INDIA..

............sunita 11/08/08


Musings ...
Bright, splinted, streaming thoughts....
Rejuvenated by destiny…
Weaved ...
Collectively through the hazy hours
And wreathed with fine confetti....
Hours of...
Contemplation, pain and memories
Took, the shape of words…
The parchment changed
Displaying a canvas of life lived…
Accentuated in bold……

sunita 4/8/08

MASKED happiness!!!!

Unfortunately, the demons never leaves the side.
In every shades they show their hide,
Past glories marching in their wake-
Targeting the slumbering soul with retakes.

Ever betraying the peaceful heart
With its vigorous venomous darts.
Be-gullied moans breaks the silence
Deep in the cavern with turbulence.

Laboriously we burgeon
Thinking life moves on.
Bequeath with the memories
Shoved within the parameters.

What a farce!
Masqueraders ain't we?
Living with hopeless miseries
Tainted with past tragedies..

Forging ahead helplessly
On a stage of borrowed happiness...
Pretending, comforting oneself-

Actors FOR lifelong...


Remain FOREVER....

Everything looks bleak,
Without you around
Life becomes difficult,
Bare and wounded.

Thundering echoes and sly shadows
Shatters the spirit of the order.
But cant fight with destiny
As forced by the bequeath brevity.

We are destiny's children-
As our hearts are synced
And we are fated to be apart.
When feelings are involved,
Life takes its own course.
But, that is how we are-

FROM.......what we feel for each other.

........sunita 22/07/08

Life Moved ON.....

I stopped by to ponder
On the feelings assuaged.
Something inevitable beseeched
The recess of the soul.

As i look back
Towards the path i walked
Strewn with scars of life checkered.
Few moments left eroded silence
And some, moments glorious.
Some soaked the heart with awe,
And some, left tender memories.

Finally, the journey meant a lot
Harvesting the fate of a lifetime sought.
A learning experience felt deeply,
Weathering every adversity wholeheartedly...

And life moved on.........


Release ME

Your gaze held me hostage,
And I blushed to keep alive my vestige.
Deep shaded hues spoke the language
Of the heart turned traitor by your hunger.

Release me from the heartstrings
Composing its own melody
The ignited conflagration sheers
The concealed feelings left buried.


Ephemeral ! ain't WE?

Crushed under the pain
Retraced the steps bravely
Just few moments delivered
By forceful adversary.

Changed winds renewed its temper
Wonder and hope gathered
Move aside,the dark clouds
Here comes the mighty creator.

Rejoiced the soul
Limitless and free
Charging with energy
To the unknown canopy.

Brave hearts do bear
The unseen tempests
Move on with their lives
As creator's disguised angels...

Ephemeral ain't we?.............


When we two parted.....

An unbroken silence
With tears of agony
Felt within our resilience
Made way for the journey.

Few shared moments together
Followed along with the souls forever
Caressing the ignited wounds,
Again and again by the vows taken.

A long journey cut short
Sieged by forces unknown
Despair burgeon;
Cracking the crimson heart.

The silent tears
Severs the bond dear.
Hear the shadows speaks,
Heralding the dark seeker.

Awful shadows looms ahead
Predicting alley's darkened
By severed pathway gravely
Proclaiming the presence of destiny.

The streaks of salinity
Tells its own story,
Reminding the mortals
Life goes on,
When the darkness befalls.

The spirit renewed
With unseen integrity
Moves ahead with dignity
Profoundly truthful.



The void left behind, cannot be filled
when memories crash against the mind.
The darkness engulfed, will change the path
left in between by your love and faith.

The heart will mend, caressed by time.
But, Can i get back what i treasured the most?
Maybe in future when we meet,
at the crossings destiny predefined.

May there be lilacs in your yard
to fill with fragrance, your abode
with butterflies hovering with sweet nectar
enthralling you with their embossed hues.

May the angels be your companions
serenading you with their lyrical chimes.
Be there always with me in the times,
when my heart bleeds for your constant support.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We Won't Change

I am the desert without an oasis
I am listening to be alive
But if passion is added,
Isn't it soothing.
This dead soul is left
Without any passions.
Nothing is left here
Just a wandering soul

I don't have that freedom.
I have seen,
The limitations of my control
You have defined the limits
Hiding your emotions.
Well it was situational
For a woman, love is for lifetime,
It will be different
But, for you, it changes according to seasons.

Give it or take it
The way you want
Because,my love is not for you now............
It is for you at every stage..........
When you are not able to love
Pure and unstained.
But, it doesn't have to be
The end of everything
Of what we feel for each other
We won't change.....

See, our thoughts still coordinate
We won't hurt each other intentionally
We still move on
meeting with the responsibilities intact
YOU and me.......

Memories Gone by......

Washed down on the shore,
Like a destiny's child.
Filled with longing and remorse
For the days gone by.

With a hazy desire,
In the misty eyes.
Remember the sweetness
Of the days passed by.

Here is a shred of glass,
Cracked up inside.
Mending through the threads
Of life,with courage and stride.

Wish to turn back,
The course of life.
A new horizon i want
To live with hope and die.

But.....wishes are just wishes
Dreamy and ephemeral.
Timed and priceless,
Trapped in a sheath
Of crystal ball.

If only............

......sunita 11/6/08

Painful Barricades

The wounds have healed,
Leaving the scars open
Shadowing the pain,
Writhing agony beyond.

Hushed in the darkness,
The teary gateways
Choked up and helpless
Left in the middle.

Searching in, for that something
Which heart desires.
What more to ask,
When life leaves its mark.

Aeon's of memories
Stashed in the corner,
In the closed quarters.

Unleashing a resonance
Of bitterness,corrupted,
Inflicted, crucified sadness.
Hark!!let there be mute surrender....

Leave the barricades........Open...


My Angel

Take my hand
Follow me
I am there,
Always for you, my heart
Leading towards destiny,
United souls in one wreath
Merged with a synced breathe.

We are destined,
Soul and body entwined,
Searching for the mirage
Life has bestowed upon us.

Nothing can keep us apart
Let the marauder, speaks harsh
But the grit in built will sustain
Bringing us ever and ever
In one another's path forever.

Stay there
My angel
Hopeful and effervescent
Me and you together.....

Always......made for each other....


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oh !!! Mariner

On a vagabond shore she strolled alone,
like a siren heaving with passion atoned.
Restlessly gazing towards the horizon,
waiting for the unseen anchor beyond.

The supple maiden, treads the sands of gold,
proclaiming the hidden source of her woes.
Unforeseen by the wheels of destiny
she awaits, awaits for the warmth of melody.

The salty whiff, culminates with her orbs depth
signifying the pain she harness within her soul.
The wilted will sustained so long, seems to be,
pushing her towards the cobblestone gateway.

"Lo! Behold........Oh my MARINER!"

She whispers through,hurtling between,
dream and reality juxtaposed in finality.
The wavy arms embrace her in its warmth,
charging together in the fragrance of uncertainty.


Be my Anchor

I do feel you in my heart
in my soul and every breathe i take
pulsating through my veins
as my life source.

My heart miss a beat
hearing you come near.
Stranded i look
limp and touched.

A manna for my sustenance
through the harshness of life.
Blessed i feel,
with you around me for lifetime.

Be my anchor forever
as there is no other way
to fill the void of loss
sustained through the dooms day.

We are blessed........

My love......together....

....... sunita....27/5/08

The Life giver -RAIN

The sweet aroma was tantalizing,
filled my soul with its essence.
The brownish softness soaked
by the canopy beloved kissed soothingly.

Mesmerized i breathe deeply,
sucked by the sudden fall.
Streaming, serpentine, Medusa's knot
rushing towards its bosom.

Heralding the new season
the bugles bellowed in sync.
Swashing the green carpet,
the life giver shot in.

Ah!!!! the soul soother
waited too long,
gushed in without warning
making me ecstatically swoon.

Glowed the horizon with,
the myriad hues of its love.
An arc shooting to a new dawn,
bringing the savior of the trodden.


Some unsolved mysteries

Can we fight against time?
Can we change the course of life?

The hidden truth,
can we decipher?
Is there a way,
to escape from decay?

Can we uncover the shroud,
Shielding the unknown cloud?

Can we deceive the existence,
of life's foibles unchecked?

So many unanswered doubts,
a crisscross of unsolved mysteries beholds.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Second Chance

My chaffed soul, rejoiced;
heralding the new dawn.
I sustain anew, soaked;
with a vigorous passion.

Times spent on, tattered spirits;
regained its strength,breathlessly
calling on the future,
with lilt in its chimes.

Caught on a wave of hope,surfaced;
through a second chance,smiled
the destiny with a blissful grit,
charging ahead with renewed spirits.

Ephemeral; i know,
acceptance i cannot ignore.
Thanks to thee;for the mercy,
a second chance bestowed on me.

I feel the melody in my soul again,
a new renaissance has just begun.

Blessed me......


Conquering PAIN

A few drops of pain
i mixed with my tears
to form a concoction of
future memories.....

Few drops fell
on the ground
massaged by the fate
fatally crushed.

A twist of chances taken
stumbled on the way
harpooning the chartered course
of an unknown road.

Befallen tragic links
summed up together
converging again
to the same juncture....

Escaped unscathed.........
..........sunita 16/5/08

Don't worry be HAPPY

Life is a beast of tragedy
making one's living a parody.
Some succumb under its pressure
some accept the pitfalls as treasure.

So my dear friend;
here is something i lend.
A few words of life's experience
hope you would be left in trance.

So here we go
rapping follow.........
Listen to me mate.....

We cant share sorrows
which life has borrowed.
Enough of mockery
for the sake of ones worry.
Time to move on mate
can't fight with your fate.
It's a teacher in disguise
accept it with all smiles.
Few lives on one's woes
doesn't heal others souls.

Let the world smile and be cheery
so laugh and be merry.

A short life my friend , don't hurry
enjoy it to the fullest.

Be happy, don't worry....


Circle of LOVE

This nameless feeling i feel for you
and the cruising of love
like a dewdrop sweetened with
the passion of early morning...

Destiny entwined two souls
like a merging of waves;
a momentous spark
keeps our love moving.

Never knew love can be so fulfilling,
leaving its footprints with painful echoes.
But, the intensity of these feelings
purify what we mean and what we go through.

If something happens to one of us.........
forsaken by the invisible wall of life's force
we shall remain true ; my love,
as it is for ever as long as we live
heart, body, mind and soul..
a complete circle of love.

We will wait for the day;
to meet again.
just like night and day;
can never meet
but we will,
in the lap of destiny beyond where;

The flush of love will remain


Awaiting Downfall

An inbuilt shield shears,
causing the cosmic pain
terrified of the outcome
of an unknown defined woes;

Is it FEAR what i feel?

A throbbing of emotions
carried through restless nights,
caressing the cores
searching for unsaid queries.

Is it PAIN i feed on?

An exultant feeling,
the weapon of survival
tempting in varied hues
to believe in the displayed clues;

Is it FAITH i depend on?

the journey has come to an end;


Is there more to come?

Awaiting downfall.........



I do fake,
the inner turmoil ;
A mesmerizing,
masque of emotions.
Inter playing;
vivid imagery.
Soulfully, like a dirge.
Shutting out the phantoms
Over the timeless storms...

What is that beckons me afar?
A piercing shriek, concealed
Squeezing out; through my soul.
Like a venomous labyrinth.

A charade;
I live, to survive....
Deep, quite deep...

Juxtaposed ever.......

--------sunita 8/5/08

My Shadow

smiled knowingly
creeping beside.
A touch of glimpse,
conveying something.

would i be the next,
the soul on the altar?

Death still smiled saying,
'Child where would i go if not near u,
I am always there surrounded by the forces,
who are your existence sources'

lost for words
way beyond the quest,
still; want to know
how far i last.

looked benevolently and said,
'I am there as far as you go.
I am your constant companion, your soul mate.
I follow you everywhere,in sadness and joy'
I am your shadow,your conscience.
Don't be scared of me.........I am you and you are me'

looked at each other
understandingly smiled......


-----sunita 3/5/08

Sunday, April 27, 2008

You and Me

I am there with you
my love.
i am there....
for how long
i don't know
but i am there....
beside you,
in your dreams...
feeling your heartbeat,
pulsating through mine.

A lingering ache
in the touch...
the love shines
cruising through the veins.

A feeling to cherish for a lifetime
maybe we, be together or not
but, the depth of this love,
will find solace in eternity
bringing you and me
forever in a divine sanctity.

------sunita 26/4/08


Many a times wondered,
assuaged with this thought
of meeting people
known, unknown;
through the parchment of words.

Sharing; caring
in an unseen world,
veiled faces of synced souls.
far apart;
but, been so near
as if one's own.

A critical appraisal
or an emotional bond
every feeling left open
to satiate the soul.

Ah! a fraternity..
of passioned heartbeats
of emotional dependency.
Who cares for each other
above regional disparity.

A milieu of synced thoughts;
brought together.
bonded with each other
ever and ever
with a wreath of verse.......


-------sunita 24/4/08

Immortal Lovers

A sweet poison of love
engulfed them in thy embrace.

Like birds of lovesong
entwined beyond.

A paradise awaitens
the doomed lovers.

For thy love JULIET,
ROMEO lives forever.

--------sunita 6/2/08

Beseech The

If only i knew
the path of my destiny;
to restore faith,
in every adversary;
I would see the

The design;
of the crumbling blocks,
wrapped in a time frame.

Deeply felt remorse
for things undone,
before the demise;
of an ash ridden soul.

Give me the peace;
i beseech thee....
let me feel,
the pulse of existence.

Let the restless soul,
be in peace....

--------sunita 21/4/08

Suspended Between


Between the heart and mind….
Stifling, stifling, senselessly….

Contradicting resonance…….
Trespassing, stealthily
Labyrinth thoughts…..

The constant nemesis
Wrecking the resolve……


The puppeteer, the master……

Silence, silence…..SILENCE

The curtain rises………..

-----sunita 7/4/08

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Pride

The reflections in the orbs depth
Was the pride of the provider's heath?

Time has carved a monument
Of beauty and nobility
a piece of life my own….

Soaring in the open sky
Full of warmth and gleeful sigh
The wings have learnt to spread far and wide…

Was it yesterday held she my hand?
For small gestures of attention she chant?
A heartstring puller with umpteen queries
Passed my garden with giggling peals….

Now I look beyond the horizon
With a pride of bliss
My fledgling has grown too big
Its time for me to remain aside....

The world is at her feet
Beckoning with mystical quest….

Fly my baby fly……
Far and wide
you spread your wings

-------sunita 29/3/08


Piercing dreams absolved in fortitude
Skidding and sliding in the hazy magnitude.

Expressing the deepest forlorn desire
Shearing and dissolving, unsung lyre.

Fortunate are the memories, subconsciously
Cherished and touched, forsaken by reality.

Rationally or irrationally, found so
Forfeited or contemplated, thought low.

Dreams just dreams, my unclad companion
Engraved thoughts concealed within……
------sunita 25/3/08

Resonating Silence

Lay bare in decay
paraded in heresy,
among the lilac strewn,
cobblestone gateway.

A silent ordeal;
resonating untold stories.
no unseen swords to fight
nor spears to shred the miseries.

Times, when wandered aimlessly
begetting, befitting memories.
stood up,induced maladies,
unstoppable parodies...

Soul-soaked tranquility
bestowed in lordly vicinity.....
took chances,undeterred.....
charged possibilities-----

Time, only time.....
glaring realities.
---sunita 16/2/08

Lament me not

Lament me not,
remember me
for the sweet memories;
your world now springs
while mine fades.

Time drives the flock to fold
so does river rages and rocks grow old.
the flowers fades, winter wanes the fields
the hour of reckoning each one yields.

Pity I win knowledge to succeed
sought words to paint my deeds.
don't cry for a life anguished
my spirits were never languished.

lament me not
since curse of want I renounce
mercy in death I found.

The smell of dust beckons,
life's contentment disowns.
to die in dust, will regain my fame,
heaven's will ,write my glorious name.

Lament me not,
could love last and youth breed
and many desires left to freed.
the thorn of blackness
invade my heart's starkness.

Remember me
in the smiles of;
life's remnants.

-------sunita 6/3/08

I am a WOMAN !!!!

I am what i am by the virtue of the lord
blessed with a perseverance in the human fold.

Feel me in humility and love ,disguise
mother, daughter, sister, wife.

Tuned in life in different role,
loved and cherished by every soul.

Pitied ,shunned, coerced, submissive identity
an inborn grit to bear every adversity.

The mother of fore bearers
universal truth unfold in strifes.

Pain and joy in others happiness
an epitome of the highest sacrifice.

Blessed i am for been born
part of unending source of life govern.

Not something to be treated as uncommon
I am what i am; I AM A WOMAN.
-----sunita 8/3/08


The MEN IN BLUE swaggered along,
show the opponents where they belong
geared die hard determination
tackle the kangaroos termination.

The spacers set the pitch in motions
slaying the aggressors in potions,
bowled, tossed around, sound yorkers
enticing the passionate onlookers.

The little gentleman out shined
shutting the mumblings in kind
the ray of hope of future
synced with the eminent teacher.

The verdict is engraved for the dominator's
accept the inevitable truth of the crusaders
a billion die hard throbbing worshipers
urging young invincible TITANS.

Shell shocked foes humbled beyond words
perseverance, a spirited sustenance galores
if today is mine will tomorrow be far behind
the universal truth of righteousness has won.

--------sunita 2/3/08

Mercy, My LORD

I implore to thee
Let me be free
For the continuity ,
Of my seed’s tree.

Get me
Summon me
Flaying your noose
Swallow in your shadows.

A chance I ask
For heaven sake;

Let me dwell---
Not fail.
for them
who has faith in me.

Let my
Indestructible Spirit
lay bare for you
when my shadow
fades in oblivion.
-----sunita 28/2/08

What a FIASCO !!!!!!!!!!!!

An incident unforgettable
Hilarious and memorable.

Allow me the pleasure of narration
A mind going through degeneration

An occasion,
Desperate to attend,
Waited for the day to come
A moment of someone’s union.

The day came as reckoned
Woke up with a frown
What to wear?”
Red saree or blue?
Will the choker suit?
What about the makeup?
God so many doubts!!!

As the day progressed
Am jittery with queries muddled.

Aha!! The saree is ironed and the BLOUSE still fitting
Dressed up from head to toe,
Ready to go.

Preening myself in the mirror for the last time ,
For any loose ends ,checked the tucks and pins.

The door bell rang,
Maybe somebody ,late evening guests
There were four tall, handsome dudes,
At the doorstep asking,
 ”Ma'm why you didn't attend the marriage of so and so?”

I gaped and gawked!!!!!
What are they saying?
Am I sleep walking.
Ohh no! what a fiasco!!!

The marriage was in the morning
Me dressed up to attend it in the evening.

My daughter was the culprit
Read the invitation card;
And passed the message saying Feb 4th.
Without specifying the time of the auspicious union.

Damn! never felt so lost
Such troubles I endured

Old age is catching up I suppose

-----sunita 18/2/08


Paradoxically acclaimed
aren't we?
the human race.

Fate to fate;
dust to dust
we meander along
the path of life.

myriad hues,
of passions and woes.

A zealous effort
with hopes vanquished
stormy weathers withered.

Rancour withheld;
connected creed.

bonded ever;
love and peace


-------sunita 24/2/08


Amazing mysterious feelings
Surging through consciousness
Crushing the layers
Beguiled ,frantically motionless.

Taut and remorseful
The innards quell
Shredding the concealed
Mind falters and bleeds.

Hitting in the darkness
Tired and restless
Quest fathomless
Unfulfilled priceless.

Hark the pleasures
In pathless woods.
The society shuns
Unforced intruders.
---------- sunita 22/2/08

Wandering Thoughts

Wandering thoughts pushing the facade of norms,
a life lead in harness or to be free without wants
catching a glimpse of the voyager beyond
tired of tumultuous storms.

Carry the burden of adversity
shunned by the humanity
whereabout your desires
feel the burning dye casts.

Do you believe"I AM FREE"
a lifelong commitment i see?
misnomer aren't we
misleading tragedy.

Hoping to be different
unrestrained or strained
a relationship on ends
time to start and sustain.
-------- sunita 21/2/08

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Seasons of Life

Can you hear?
The whisper of the waning season,
Heralding an unknown disaster.

Can you see?
The eroded cliff,
Accentuating the plight of transistion.

Can you see the difference?
The unseen tomorrow.

The seasons have left;
impregnable scars.

Wake up!
Dont gather;
autumn's fallen leaves.

The innocence,my dear,
Lost Forever.
----sunita 13/2/08

Leave Me Alone

Dont show me the window of happiness
a reflection of a mirage;
let my thoughts shroud the inner turmoil
the last frontiers i am to befall.

Dont want to see the sensibility
the desperate attempt of tranquility
a loss of faith and belief;
created untarnishable barriers bereft.

Please let me be in peace
let me find the comfort within
the battles of words
left me with wounds unseen.

I crouch and crawl ;
shattered and screaming;
----- sunita 12/2/08


At your behest ,my love
i surrender to thee---


Reap apart my trecherous heart,
Let there be a musical symphony---


A molten lava crushing through,
throbbing, pulsating--


Rapturous crescendo,
ethereal crystalline,wanton,
lissome me to blame---


An ephemeral thrust,
essence of culmination---


An union of love so pure'
you to me, me to you------
Manacled forever.
-----sunita 7/2/08

The Star Gazer

To break from the shackles of societical bondage,
To weave a path alone, defying the human race,
To achieve and hold the world in the grasps of its fold;
Only few can reach the starry heights, been brave and bold.

She had the courage to break the domestic ties
Adaged ‘woman is nothing but a dormant shamble of inferiors’
Showed the world, only courage and determination
Alone has the strength to break all the rules.

She dreamt of greatness of impossible mission;
A stargazer became a star herself;
She trodden the path of success
With an awesome power of diligence and steadiness.

You are a role model for the youth
Inspired and dreams bequeath;hope for the future;
With stars in the eyes and hearts full of desires.
You guide them from far above,
Like a beacon of light
To pave a path of immense measures
Make the nation proud of them alike.

She will ever be cherished in the annals of WORLD space history.
The Kohinoor of India KALPANA CHAWLA will be remembered till eternity.
--------sunita 3/2/2003

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A nation's quest.[BORN]

Crested with forgotten valour,
Raiment of identity;peace and prosperity
Awoken to the call of innumerable possibilities
A nation was born.

A land of ancient lineage
A civilization of flamboyant echoes
Scintillating cultural ambience
A nation was born.

Turbulent storms
scourged the brave hearts,
Enduring the tempest, they fought on.
A fathomless ; unquenchable thirst engraved;
A nation was born.

Never to be shrouded again
With unseen claws of destiny;
Firm and determined they stood
A nation was born.

Every evil been enslaved by its diasporic humanity
Time will bear the testimony, to its harmony and diversity.
----------- sunita 25/1/08

Destiny's Child

this is on one year on orkut poetry community.

How time pass by;
leaving sweet memories behind.
Year of friendship;
wonderful moments i worship.

You have touched my life;
been my friend and guide .
The hardships i came across
abated with your constant grace.

Never was a stranger;
the bond of destiny;
brought us together.

Moved us with its force;
made us one ;
with unseen measure.

I pray to thee;
be there forever.

Thank you soul mate,
we are miracle;
of life's fate.
------sunita 17/1/08

Confession of a MAVERICK

A reckless streak;
cruising through blood
like a timeless maverick.

Scorching, fierce wanderlust;
an utopian pursuit
racks the cavern of;
throbbing beguiled soul.

ruminating tireless journey.
A glimmer of hope,
a deep sense of purpose,
for the unknown course.
palpable and wanting ,
ever and ever more.

The liberation of thoughts
crashing against;unseen ghosts.
challenging each other,
fought within.

In the want of mirage,
i flutter alone,
with my broken plummage.
----------sunita 19/1/08

Farewell my dear

To my degree 2007-08 batch farewell. will miss them.

There are some moments
in life.
Whose essence;
leaves a mark;
on one’s reminiscence
like a collage.

Year by year;
batches after batches;
they move on.
Leaving a deep sense of pain
they go on.

They dazzled like stars
hues of attired maidens.
The young fledglings have grown
into erudite icons.
engraved innumerable memories
Bloomed in the mater’s corridors.

The poignant good byes
with misty eyes;
embracing friends and foes alike.

Something cracked deep inside,
seeing the seagulls about to fly.
Many memories ;
etched in the recess of mind
shared their joys and pains in kind.

Well life goes on,
time to dwell on
what lies beyond.

Farewell dearest,
You are enshrined
in my heart’s;
---------sunita 16/1/08


The past ,
endured experiences;
haunts the restless
soul's void crevices.

Tearing apart ;
cavernous shield
of false fa├žade.

The etched wounds;
gape open,
the bygone moments.
Crashing against;
the turbulent emotions.

In Search of peace
a vagabond pursuit;

I am there;
I am there;
Very near ----confident and fearless.

Few more impediments to surface
am ready to face ; with all the infinite;
and spirited grace..
---sunita 11/1/2008


New year resolution

A new beginning on the horizon,
mesmerising and tantalising.

Let us make it more prosperous,
with an inclination towards; magnanimity and humility.

Let there be no pain,
no starved human soul.

Let there be no bloodshed,
no danger of discord.

Let us make this god's place,
an abode of heaven and peace.
--sunita 31/12/2007


A new year resolution

Let us remember the beautiful moments we shared,
the pain and sorrows along with joy too cared.

A wholesome experienced life we endured,
as days waned and waxed together.

A mysterious tomorrow waving it's arms,
the present bowed down with charm.

Glory and humility's juxtaposed quest,
adds a glimmer in the hopeful's breast.

They say time and tide waits for none,
why not make the best of everything undone.

Hope springs eternal in human breast,
humanity wished in the future's conquests
-----sunita 1/1/08


this poem is dedicated to the unfortunate people of DARFUR.

Riding on the wave of prudence
heart felt memories assauge.
can we turn the clock back
from the inevitable wreck?

Just a glimpse of compassion
a distorted soul seek,
amongst the milieu,
of synched multitudes.

Gone are the days of bliss
when scalding emotions fleece;
its time of resolution-----
maybe tomorrow brings
a day of mirth and pleasures.--
sunita 16/12/07


Let me,
hold your hand
few more miles more
you and me together.

Let me,
touch you once,
soft lines of your face
remnants of an ageless grace.

Let me,
please let me see,
the pain in your eyes
a reflection of my life.

Let me,
be there with you
when you walk alone
through the gates of heaven.

Let me ,
be there forever
my destiny  entwined
with you, only you ,
now or never.
----sunita 9/12/07

Hinglish samosas and pakodas

When winter comes along
hot samosa and pakodas I long.
Wintery nights makes me mushy
feels my heart with khusi.

The time stops still;
when its nearly four,
the evening has worn its cloak.
Cant go out , it ‘s chill , dark and bleak.

Just wants to warm up,
get rid of the sardii.
The modern gadgets are traitors
when the power cut glooms , bedardi.
An early night is what I desire
how tempting to snuggle between the razaii.

Around 8 0’clock hear a knock,
some late night guests I suppose.
Oh no ! Mr and Mrs REDDY at the door,
now have to run errands on all fours.

Putting my best foot forward,
faking a smile,ask,what they would prefer,
Some hot coffee or tea?
The lady fully adorned at this hour,
with a sexy smile and batting lashes;
would like to have some tea instead of coffee;
Some horlicks for her kids too.

Here I was seething and brewing;
Longing for an early night.
The power has taken a break again
me worried ,the mosquitoes menace will began;
that’s the end of my dreamland.

Finally I was free,
the power has regain.
Time to have supper,
Oh!! the dishes are done;
The warm blanket beckon.

Ah !!!! so warm and mast;
Taking a hardcover,
winks,At my tall, dark and handsome .
Feeling like a die hard romantic
With my all time-- MILLS AND BOON CLASSIC.


This is to the world class batsmen who always mesmerizes with his style. wrote this when he broke ALLAN BORDER'S record.

It’s a pleasure,
watch this treasure;.
Thundering motions,
overwhelmed emotions.

The crowd applauds,
worship this lord;
palpable presence
humanly awesome.

Astounding awe,
opponents bow;
calculated risks taken
records been broken

.Immense determination,
against opposition;
Facing missiles;
hounding sprinters..

One after another,
tons of coffers;
Fills his foes;
withSeething fears.

Gladiators prowl,
predator scoffs.
Gnashing the willow;
enemies mellow.

Age has not marred
The stylish blazer.
Annals of history,
Recalls the mastery
Invincible; hitter.
Haunting ever ;
hearts of shooters.

Short stature,
Sensibly mature;
Enchanting smile
bewitchingly benign.

He is our greatest batsman;
with a latent potential.
Our own little master
The one and only one—


this is too Ah Poetry. without it i would have not survived the pain i endured. and i thought i will never come back frm my illness.but here iam back with a bang still posting my musings.

I came across----
like a toss,
a creed apart--
full of heart.

Filled with wisdom,
fired with freedom.
Full of sensitivity,
born with creativity.

A class of intellectuals,
with a vagabond pursuits.
where i met them is no secret,
all of them are my soul mates.

Benevolent people,
with a heart of gold.
Its time to say goodbye,
and i dont want to cry.

Thanx to AH-POETRY,
the blessed community.
for making my life,
a blissful serenity


I know a gentleman
my biggest fan.
Very smart and tall
admired by all.

Very apt and duty bound
never seen mopping around.
A welcoming smile on his face
gives his countenance a grace.

Always ready to help
as seasons eclipse
.From morning till dusk
he never makes a farce.

As i enter the gate
he wishes with such elate.
This stranger is meticulous
with life so tedious.

Really admire his dexterity
having solution for every impossibility.
He is none other than
my college security-man.

Chak de India

WELL to say briefly i wrote this poem for young turks who clinched the world cup for INDIA.

WANDERERS wandered onto the WANDERER,
deep in their breast,feelings of ectasy and fear.

An awesome opponent on the pitch,
ready to kick with an inevitable itch.

Some bowled without any care,
some hit across the fence with dare.

Anxiety around the crease,
ready to cross the breach.

Some lost their cool,
some acted as fool.

Finally the harm was done,
journey with the cup has began.

YOUNG and energetic team was born,
Determination and patience has won.
WELL to say briefly i wrote this poem for young turks who clinched the world cup for INDIA.

WANDERERS wandered onto the WANDERER,
deep in their breast,feelings of ectasy and fear.

An awesome opponent on the pitch,
ready to kick with an inevitable itch.

Some bowled without any care,
some hit across the fence with dare.

Anxiety around the crease,
ready to cross the breach.

Some lost their cool,
some acted as fool.

Finally the harm was done
,journey with the cup has began.

YOUNG and energetic team was born,
Determination and patience has won.

Wizards of yore

Me been a voracious reader,
found a friend, mentor, guide and philosopher,
through long hours of loneliness;
in the mystical world of literature.

The world of books is an ocean;
churning, mesmerizing, stormy;
difficult to swim across the horizons
without whirling turmoil and emotions.

We live in a sheath of nothingness
when there is much to gain
bounded in the pulpy cushion
imaginative world of pages and pages.

A world of literary revolutions
bought enlightment to many nations.
where man of letters,
changed the course of history and passions.

A novice among an array of erudite's,
mere mortal browsed through their greatest works;
enchanted in the alluring words
my heart soared high;
with amazement and awe.

I bow down to the literary giants
for their creativity and abilities
to conjure up images of rare;
obscurities and absurdities.

Marlowe, Bacon, Donne, Shakespeare;
all the great giants of yore;
full of life and inevitable galore,
paved a path for a spirited sustenance;
through pain and pleasure.

Their simplicity and dexterity,
converged with my mental ability;
caught me in the maze of wisdom
drowning myself in the abyss;
gigantic, transcendental,ebullient kingdom.

Gratitude muses for been that world for me,
through the pangs of need.
A beacon of ray, my solace,
in the hours of solitude.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An angel plea[Through the eyes of a child]

Blood thirsty hounds on prowl
making the innocent crawl;
killing the essence of living,
what is left for believing?
Heart rending cries from afar
shaking the innards bare---

A forlorn look from the blank eyes
questioning the remnants blues---

Is this the legacy i am heir to?
A gaping inhumanity
given me in charity.

Give me a future;
where i bloom
full of joy and peace;
where dreams come true.

Let me live,let me live
a life of honor and deeds;
which makes me proud,
for been born a human being.
-------sunita 30/12/08

Mystified memories

From the deep recess of my mind,
something unknown echoes,
i try to define,
the source of my woes.

Cascading through my thoughts,
blistering forms of emotion,
etching the memories sought.
layers as mammoth as ocean.

A feeling seething with plight,
an encompassed memory,
wings of emotions taking flight,
untold melodies ,unseen and dreary.

An access to the unfound,
dragging the last breath,
days are few too, as am bound.
trapped in a timeless sheath.


I see the darkness of the night,
mesmerizing and intense.
Wishing for many things,
far away beyond the horizon.

I sit alone under the stars gild night,
me and my solitude,
synchronized in thoughts.

Can see the lush green fields,
the swinging palms and beaches.
Beckons me with its beauty,
but alas! if only desires can be fulfilled.

I miss u my nativity,
engrossed in reminiscence,
with a passionate and lingering essence.


Its that time of life,
when expectations are high.
Adios, time to say goodbye,
to all the lovely things i like.

The beheaded demons,
venom spewing---
have awaken again,
shattering the shield,
from the abyss,of my soul.

Fear--the harbinger of doom.
The superficial facade,
of brave front,is invaded,
making way,to surrender,
to my distorted core.

Exploding emotions,
volcanic intensity--
dreadful gravity--
embossed wounds-
clutching haphazard motions.

The dread is killing,
awaited and awaited,
scrapping the crevices of my soul.

Lost track of time

I jostled against the tide of time,
nothing is left in the journey of life.

Things were thought differently,
never were meant to go in hurry.

I bleed to death with the appalling pain,
fighting till last for what i have not gain.

Is this what is stored in my destiny,
half way through my life's journey.

Expected many avenues on the way,
but ended up as a seamless cast away.
------ sunita

Motherhood--a gift

There are some moments in life,
timeless, immemorable.
The day i held
a cuddly, wriggly, wrinkly,
bundle of joy,
in my arms.

The angelic countenance,
made me forget,the pain i endured.
The chinky eyes, smacking lips,
sloppy smile and wrinky nose,
tugged the fragile heart strings.

My joy knew no bounds,
the flood gates shed unbound.
Happiness was found,
sleeping in my arms feeling sound.

The pleasure of motherhood,
through phases of youth and childhood,
made me the happiest person,
on this earth.

My sweet little darling,
a miracle, a part of myself.

Nothing could defy the bliss i felt,
my spirits soared high,
seeing in my hands,
the creation of life
------SUNITA 31st January 1989

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Monsoon Regained

Seasonal second quarter,
comes in flutter.
Bringing along,
swinging south –east blower.

Thundering ; illuminating,
heralding its presence.
through azure horizon;
hovering dark ghosts arisen.

Drops of elixir,
unfurled parasol.
Coolant relief
rejuvenates spirits.

Gleeful elves;
beseeching smiles.
Serpentine rivulets.
sailing paper boats.

Amorous : soothing
drenched earth’s aroma;
Resonates Flush of first kiss
seeping senses with bliss.

Eyes of a provider,
blistered posture;
Shattered dreams
regained pleasure.

Bountiful nature;
Resplendent with treasure.

-sunita 20/11/07

Monday, January 7, 2008


Encrusted in the misty heights;
penetrating virgin starkness;
grounded resolved precipice
a Lone Sentinel’s resilence.

The tranquility of oblivion
embossed on his soul .
Reflecting ; concealed;
sustained internal turmoil
everlasting crown’s jewel.

Lingering glance
towards the horizon,
a greener pasture beckons;
bestowed with myriad hues.

The stoic resolve falters
fragment of seconds.
Destination prods ;goading;
His silent ordeal;
Resonate the pristine cliffs .

Diabolical crusaders,
Belligerent ; empathizing comrades?
Embolden front
detrimental for survival.
Thoughts synchronized
across the frontier.

A creed apart ,
untarnished; indomitable;
Spirited Philanthropic pursuits.
The greater truth prevails;
Sacramental altar of womb’s
The Lone Sentinel sanguinely succumbs.

Sake of humanity;
embraces immortality.

-sunita 8/12/07