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Thursday, August 4, 2016

My guiding Angel

Your life inspired A gawky little girl With two long plaits To prove her mettle In the rushing world. You stood beside her
With your soothing lullabies.
A sturdy banyan,
Guiding, soothing
Easing the pain
Like a shining star.
Your tenderness
Warmed the days,
The nights glowed
Grieving on her mound
And then one day,
Time stood still,
Traversing on destiny,
 You suddenly vanished
Without any goodbyes
 Leaving behind a teenager,
Still groping in the darkness. 
Half a century couldn’t erase 
The thirty seasons of your loss. 
That little girl misses you everyday
For the tenderness, in the living shadows.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Halo of Clouds (An acrostic)

 Day 1 #OctPoWriMo2015

Across the unparalleled universe
Hope rides cozily
Along the changing seasons
Leaving  symphonic shapes
Over the edge of a blazing arch
Often I wonder
Finding  rhapsody of my thoughts
Clamoring through those floating
Legions of countless melodies
Obstructing my dark memories
Under the shadow of a moonlit night
Dreams find a  new beginnings
Silvering my dreamy heart.

I am taking part in #octpowrimo2015

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Elements

There is something ephemeral about seashores.Especially the sandy stretches of vastness. The grainy hues of the sand and the azure waves embrace each other and breath life in the universe.Maybe, I am becoming a little philosophical here, but I feel that the dry sand seeps in life, by mating the sea and rejuvenating its spirit.The sepia footprints gets embossed on the watery blue and dance a tune of their own.The layers and layers of blue sea, sepia sand ,the verdant palms and the shining yellow and orange in the horizon, blessing them with its grace,is an orchestra of sound, waves and fragrance.Each one is conjoined, despite their invisible boundaries.They reflect the truth of survival, freedom of ownership and the spirit of hope.

It is amazing how land,air, and water sustain ages of erosion and still become one.The dependency of the elements brings forth the gospel of existence without fearing the pain of loss and loneliness.There is always a time to heal the wounds when the right choice is made.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Rainbow of Hope

When fear strikes the soul
Life turns into an inverted comma
Feasting on the bygone lacuna
Each moment cringes, 
Fearing the worst.

The inner voice craves
For freedom from the ghosts
Some past memories
Some ingrained woes.

The road spans out,
With a number of dead-ends
Choked in one's umbra,
The soul shudders, in the darkness.

Then the rainbow shines
Through some invisible horizon
Reflections of happy times, happy faces.
Harvesting on the wheels of time,comes,
A season of lasting hope.


Linking this to Write Tribe Festival of Words #4 Day 2 for the theme Creativity and Inspiration!
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Friday, October 31, 2014

OctPoWriMo-2014-An Acrostic

Day-31 OctPoWriMo-2014

On a wing of a verse
Came a challenge
To journey among
Poetically inclined souls
One by one everyday
We linked our experiences
Reading, praising and feeling
In sync with the fellow wordsmiths
Moving along with each other’s thoughts
On a hope we travelled with gratitude
2 enrich our lives, sharing our love for poetry
0 ing on our passions we flowed, crossing many hurdles
1 by one covering many miles along the tides
4 ever bonded- sharing and caring, by the garland of words.

It was an amazing journey participating in this challenge.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Life a Tapestry

Day-30 OctPoWriMo-2014

On the day before..
When the fumes engulfed
The source of life
Destiny intervened
A lesson
Turning the pages of
The other side of life
Weaving patterns
As if on a tapestry
The hurdles, the pain designed
As human companions.

Happiness comes
On a cloud
Ephemerally blessed
Followed by
The shadows
The precursor
Winged on fate
Letting life know
The prefaced commas
Jostling against the wall.
Human becomes a Puppet
In the hands of Time.

Was it Love?

Day-29 OctPoWriMo-2014

She waited for the last word
A word of reassurance
From the biting swells
To the unstoppable heartbeats
To feel at home…

He just held her hands,
His touch speaking
More than any words
Leaving his imprint on her soul…

They bonded as two halves
Synchronized in a melody of their own
Moving on a crescent of emotions
Their hearts spoke up for them
Glistening pools joining in their rhythm…

They found each other
The destined strangers
In the portals of life…
What was it they felt?
For bringing them together…